DECEMBER '23 | HARDWAREJOURNAL.COM.AU 33 Hot Devil Twin Burner Stove This summer, things are really heating up thanks to Australia’s leading supplier of quality gas torches and soldering irons. Introducing the new portable Twin Burner Butane Gas Stove from Hot Devil. With a toughbuilt exterior and easy-to-ignite twin burners, this stove is the ideal outdoor cooking companion. Customers can take the burner stove to any jobsite or campsite with its sturdy and convenient carry case. The Hot Devil Twin Burner Stove is portable, lightweight, and durable, with a high-quality stainless steel surface and strengthened trivets. Operating on High-Quality Butane Gas Cartridges (HD200C) and featuring an adjustable flame with a two-step safety shut-off feature, this portable stove is both safe and efficient to operate. The Twin Burner Butane Gas Stove also features a double-sealed valve and auto ignition to ensure optimal gas leak prevention. Hot Devil’s no-fuss warranty program also covers the stove burner for a full 12-month warranty. Hot Devil Tel: (03) 9775 0713 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes Introducing three new themes with more than 75 surface finish designs to explore from 3M. The new Premium Wood, Artisanal and Metallic Palette interior surface finishes bring exciting possibilities for interior spaces everywhere. Customers can quickly, easily, and sustainably create a new space or refresh an existing space – with less downtime. The DI-NOC Architectural Finishes feature nearly 1,000 wall pattern design options, colours, and textures all while limiting material and labour costs, downtime, and construction waste. Available for a wide range of applications, these on-trend architectural design products can be applied to interior surfaces such as walls, columns, doors and cabinets, including complex curved (threedimensional) surfaces. The 3M Comply™ Adhesive technology virtually eliminates air bubbles, simplifying, and speeding up the application process. Resistant to common stains, cleaners, and disinfectants, these finishes are easy to clean and maintain, and have superior durability compared to traditional interior surface materials. 3M Tel: 136 136 NEW PRODUCTS Milwaukee 61-inch mobile workstations The next generation of Milwaukee high-capacity steel tool storage is here and comes in 61-inch timber top or steel top designs. The 12-drawer trolley features a reinforced angle iron frame, while the 61-inch industrial casters and stylish aluminium edge guards with rubber corner bumpers help protect tool investments. Customers can keep all power tools powered up even while the unit is locked with the integrated six outlet/two USB power centre located on the side of the trolley. The workstation comes with a limited lifetime warranty and the barrel key locking system also secures all valuables for peace of mind. The work areas within the highcapacity work bench include a 32-millimetre high 304 stainless steel worktop, or 30-millimetre solid wood top with UV poly coating, and a flip-up pegback wall that provides extra storage. The red and black textured finish is rugged, durable, and stands up to harsh environments. Milwaukee Tel: 1300 645 928