THE POWER OF NUMBERS HBT is trusted and supported by 750+ independent stores across Australia We have impressive buying power and rebates exclusive to members Join the community to truly find your independence Why did you join HBT? The support network HBT provides allows us to trade and expand on our terms. What is the biggest difference you have noticed since joining HBT? HBT as a brand has expanded, allowing better opportunities for its members in areas such as rebates, marketing and networking. What has a HBT membership done for your business? Increased access to suppliers allowing a bigger range and better pricing. This has allowed us to tailor our range to our local community. What would you say to someone thinking about joining HBT? If you value independence the HBT model is for you! Any regrets? No, we haven’t looked back! Anything else you would like to add? The benefits have far outweighed the costs to join. Mt Alexander H Hardware harnessed the power of our numbers and found true Independence. MT ALEXANDER H HARDWARE Campbells Creek, VIC For more information and membership applications call 1300 428 477 Powering True Independents