Why join HBT? For more information and membership applications call 1300 428 477 Powering True Independents 4 HBT Information Portal Ensure you’re buying better and are on top of all the latest Supplier Deals & Rebates, by accessing the HBT Portal whenever you want to. Here you’ll have access to Deal Books, all Supplier Contacts (to add new categories to your offering), Marketing Tools, Latest Industry News and more... 3 Conferences & Monthly Webinars Besides our internal communication support channels, you will also have access to the Monthly Webinars (via Zoom) – so you can keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your local market and beyond. National Conferences and State Meetings are also a great way to learn more from suppliers and peers, plus have some fun along the way. FREE Catalogue Program As a HBT Member, you have access to over 200 Supplier Brand Catalogue pages on our catalogue platform, to use every month! All of the latest Supplier offers and Consumer Specials to help drive more sales in your local area. 2 The Power of Numbers At 850+ HBT Members and growing, our members are benefiting from the impressive buying power and exclusive rebates – only available to HBT Members. HBT can proudly say our members show real community spirit as a group and we are glad we can help each of them find their true independence. 1 We’re glad you asked… HBT have been helping local independent hardware, building & industrial businesses across all states of Australia for over 2 decades; ensuring they have the tools and daily support to operate a successful retail store. Here are a few more things we offer our HBT Members… 850+