BEHIND THE COUNTER ARROW Executive Sales Founder/Managing Director, Jason Howes (and Australian partner for the Objective Management Group – OMG), recently revealed the best ways to undertake successful recruiting, particularly at a time when so many are finding it difficult to switch roles. How to hire a sales professional with more confidence using science R ecruiting has always been a challenge but has become more difficult recently, particularly as top sales-people are not taking the risk to move jobs due to travel re- strictions and job insecurity. Considering most sales leaders have never received any for- mal training in recruitment, fifty per cent of hires typically fail and many more are struggling to perform, hidden behind companies’ success and good clients. Add in the necessity of a largely remote process where meeting face-to-face cannot happen until well into the hire, and by this time a business will have invested many hours and even more money. When you stop to consider the journey – an untrained employee is often given the job of filling a role. For an invest- ment worth $100k-$200k, it seems unusual that companies do not take hiring more seriously, particularly when it encom- passes advertising, reaching the right applicants, interview- ing, assessing, negotiating a large salary package and finally, training and onboarding effectively. But how can you train the recruiter to adequately sift through this process and how do you most effectively find the candidate that “WILL sell” rather than the “one that CAN” sell? To gain confidence hiring a sales ‘A’ Player, businesses will need a proven talent acquisition process. I will demonstrate this process via ARROW Executive Sales’ Five Stage Program to support your next hiring experience. At Arrow, when hir- ing we will only use the OMG Sales Candidate Assessment tool which provides us with the accurate, predictive and validated data. With each hire licence, you will receive “un- limited screening” for 12 months, so you do not have to hurry. Traditionally, companies take the cheapest and fastest route to hire. They use outdated methods and unqualified re- ferrals, using practices like hiring through the recommenda- tions of friends. This no longer works, with reach diminished by travel limitations, and old ads not attracting the new breed of sales professionals. Follow a proven hiring process (Stage 1) Evaluate your existing salesforce to ensure you add the right salesperson to your team. What role are you filling? Are you looking for a farmer or sales hunter? What gaps do you need to fill? Once you have established this, you will need to write an ad. At this point, many companies use and rejig an old ad, one that is typically focused on the business itself rather than the candidate that will meet their needs. A new ad needs to be written so it attracts the best candi- date from the safety of their current role. The ad should be accessible via a mobile device on the right platform. While it needs to attract the talent that has the potential to up-skill and transfer over existing sales strengths, it also needs to reach a larger pool to screen for more specific criteria. If you want to lure quality applicants away from their existing company, it needs to say, “That is my perfect job”. Ensure you offer an attractive remuneration to attract sales professionals, does it meet industry levels and what other benefits can your company offer? Screening (Stage 2) Once you have attracted a larger pool of candi- dates, you need to sift through and eliminate as many unsuitable choices as possible. Our process helps you save time and money by eliminating unsuitable applicants and removes any pre-existing personal and company biases. ARROW Executive Sales can build a specific criteria for your assessment that identifies the strengths you are looking for: including sales hunter, consultative selling, selling value etc. STAGE 2 Candidate takes the Assessment STAGE 3 Example Report MEETS CLIENT CRITERIA MEETS OMG CRITERIA STAGE 2 IDEAL RAMP-UP SKILLS Recommendation for an Interview Candidate Recommendation