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Fifteen years on…

At the conclusion of 2012, CSS had 42

members in the group and 75 listed supplier

partners. Today CSS has 56 members, who

have over 80 stores between them and 120

listed supplier partners, which is an increase

of 33.3 per cent in members and 60 per cent

in suppliers, according to the group.

Although our membership is quite di-

verse, the one common desire members

share is towork closelywith the group’s listed

supplier partners, and all other members, to

develop long term, meaningful relationships

that ultimately result in mutually rewarding

outcomes for all concerned, MrWellard said.

“We firmly believe that we have some

great companies associated with the

group but only by

working together can we really achieve

greatness. Turnover (based on member

purchases from listed supplier partners),

has grown by more than 55 per cent over

five years and we expect this trend to con-

tinue well into the future. CSS has always

been willing to modify, alter and adjust

what we do and how we do it, to ensure

group administration and members stay

in tune with the changing market place

in which we operate,” he said.

Today we have a well-developed and

impressive track record of continued

steady growth in all aspects of the busi-

ness and at the same time have watched

members and supplier partners grow with

us along the way, Mr Wellard said.

“Doug Flynn and Fred Hall of DBF Tools

and Construction Supplies of Hoppers

Crossing and Peter Corstorphin of Kencor

Sales (all three being founding members),

along with day one supplier partners, Bor-

do International, Ramset/Reid, Pferd Aus-

tralia, SIKA, ITW Polymers and Powers

Fasteners, joined us at our 15 year birthday

celebration,” Mr Wellard said.

“CSS was initially established with the

idea of bringing corporate advantages to

independently owned and operated com-

panies who would in turn provide their

customers with quality product, compet-

itive pricing and support by delivering

industry best practice service.”

“The fundamental principles on which

the group was founded remain un-

changed. Fun, fellowship and friendship

and working together for the betterment

of the many are at the heart of what we do

but we know we all must work hard, be

professional and be alert to ensure we stay

at the top of our game,” he said.

Marketing initiatives

Fasteners, adhesives and tools are to this

day regarded as the product groups which

formed the supplier base from which the

group was developed, and as such we de-

vised a marketing initiative using this as our

theme moving forward, Mr Wellard said.

“Today our F.A.T. P.I.G. (Fasteners, Ad-

hesives, Tools Product Information Guide),

F.A.T. Magazine, F.A.T. Specials flyer, F.A.T.

Mates customer membership program

and other F.A.T. initiatives are driving our

marketing plans forward for the members.

This, coupled with the increasing range of

carefully selected products being sold and

distributed under the CSS private label

- IMPACT-A - is ensuring all those associ-

ated with the group continue to develop and

move forward,” he said.

Looking into the future…

While the group continues to grow and

expand, CSS is always on the lookout for

new members, with eight employees now

looking after the group’s operations. CSS

is also about to move into a purpose built,

2,200 square metre warehouse and office

complex – still in Broadmeadows - and is

looking forward to another successful 15

years in business.