Global megatrends infiltrate garden and outdoor living markets

Global megatrends infiltrate garden and outdoor living markets

A growing awareness of potential risks to consumer health and the natural environment, from the use of chemicals in agriculture, has now infiltrated into Australian homes and gardens and become a mainstream consumer concern. 

This awareness is then often compounded by media coverage, particularly from environmental groups such as ‘Save the Bees Australia’ and ‘Bee the Cure’, who continue to advocate on the importance of saving bee colonies in keeping the natural environment healthy. This is because over 80 per cent of flowering plants are pollinated by insects, such as bees, and without them, many of the plant populations would decline, along with our natural environment.

The development and launch of chemical-free garden products are set to maintain sales and consumer loyalty, according to Hozelock Australia.

It may also be the reason why more and more consumers are refraining from the use of chemically laden pesticides and herbicides, particularly those that are harmful to bees, according to Hozelock Australia’s Category Development Manager, Jennifer Candy.

When considering the growth of consumer trends towards organic, chemical-free products, Hozelock is just one of several garden companies that have recently developed and launched new products that particularly align with this new ‘environmentally friendly’ consumer demand.

According to Ms Candy, the company’s new ‘Pure Sprayer’ range is designed specifically in-line with current consumer trends, as a cohesive solution to a growing need of living ethically and healthily. The range is also in line with a megatrend that is seeing consumers seek better quality, longer lasting garden products, Ms Candy said.

“The recent launch of Hozelock’s Pure Sprayer range into the Australian market, is categorically on trend. Growing consumer awareness of agricultural chemical use has now infiltrated our homes, becoming a mainstream consumer concern. Compounded by media coverage and a very active ‘save the bees’ community, the launch of this range is a cohesive solution to these megatrends,” Ms Candy said.

Available in two litre and five litre varieties, the Hozelock Pure Sprayers were developed with highly resistant seals (EPDM – ethylene propylene diene monomer), lance and nozzles in preparation for specific use with acidic and abrasive solutions, such as vinegar and bicarb soda, which are found in naturally derived concentrates and homemade recipes. 

Complete with filters for use with manure-based solutions, the range also offers the natural gardener a high-quality product that will last the distance, while also preventing wastage and landfill, according to Ms Candy.

“It is time we as manufacturers must really consider where we can make a difference to our environment, while also satisfying value driven consumer demand. It can be assumed that these societal megatrends will have an inverse effect on how suppliers and retailers manage the category and respond to these changes in consumer values.”

Ms Candy also believes it is only a matter of time before an absolute parallel subcategory, of ‘natural gardening’, will be accommodated for within the gardening and hardware industry.

“I believe it will be a key success factor in developing consumer loyalty and maintaining sales as consumers move to more natural solutions from more traditional chemical-based gardening.”

“I am very proud to work with a business that understands the developing market trends and is at the forefront of making change, especially being an industrial and commercial spraying manufacturer,” she said.

Hozelock is already looking at extending its Pure Sprayers Range throughout this year and beyond.

Global trends drive local garden market

When looking at global trends within the garden and outdoor living market, Takasho Australasia Managing Director, Andrew Hogg, believes it is the garden accessory segment that is expected to take off this spring.

Takasho has also released a new range of plant stands to meet increasing popularity of the indoor plant sector

With this forecast in mind, Takasho has already launched in excess of 150 new products just in time for the season – a launch that was planned specifically in conjunction with growing consumer demand of the garden accessories category that has taken place globally, in recent months, according to Mr Hogg. 

This impressive new product launch is also in-line with global trends, which indicates the garden accessories market has grown six per cent globally in recent months, according to a recent report by

An expansion of garden activities from end-users, presence of government initiatives that promote gardening, as well as an increasing number of product launches are all initiatives that continue to grow the garden market, according to the garden and lawn tools report. 

“However, the rising preference for pre-used and rented garden and lawn tools, potential hazards associated with garden and lawn tools, and a rising demand for artificial grass may hamper the growth of the (global) garden and lawn tools industry over the forecast period. Vendors are focusing on attracting end-users by providing cost-saving benefits and introducing new variants of garden and lawn tools. They are also integrating additional features in their products, which, in turn, is driving the demand and expanding the market share,” according to the report.

Takasho is already researching overseas markets to plan for the launch of new products in 2020

It is for this reason that Takasho’s garden accessories range now includes an abundance of new products including plant ties, coco support poles, watering cans, trigger sprayers and plant labels, which have well and truly extended the range beyond rain gauges, thermometers, wire hooks and clear saucers introduced throughout 2018, according to Mr Hogg.

Since the launch of its new catalogue, alongside presentation of these new products to customers at trade shows nationally in July and August, Mr Hogg said Takasho is already overwhelmed by the response to the recent 2019/20 range launch.

“I think the response has been exceptional because many of our range selections are customer and consumer driven. We spend lots of time in stores and at shows listening to what our customers are saying. When we receive consistent messages from the market, we respond rapidly to these demands,” he said

However, it is not only garden accessories that are making a comeback this season, with the indoor plant sector also increasing in popularity as consumers continue to grow and maintain plants, Takasho Account Manager, Fred De Haan said.

“It is for this reason that Takasho has also refreshed and increased its range of metal indoor planters and plant stands. Our new range of modern plant stands is already proving popular in the market with pre-orders exceeding all expectations,” Mr De Haan, said.

Expo achievements

Takasho recently won Best of Expo Allied Trade New Product Award and also Best Allied Trade Display Bronze at the Nursery Garden Industry of Queensland NGIQ Green Expo

While exhibiting at the recent Nursery & Garden Industry of Queensland (NGIQ) Green Expo, held on the Gold Coast in August, Takasho proudly took out two awards, including ‘Best of Expo – Allied Trade New Product Award’ (for the VegTrug Grow Care Smart Sensors) and also ‘Best Allied Trade Display – Bronze’.

Takasho’s Account Manager, Brad Wilson, said the company was very excited to gain such recognition, particularly considering they had attended five trade shows in five states over the past six weeks alone.

“It is so nice to be recognised for the hard work and long hours that we put in to present displays that are applicable and exciting for our customers to view and make buying decisions from,” Mr Wilson said.

The year ahead…

With 2019 already proving to be a super busy year for Takasho, it is hard to imagine how the company can outdo this year’s performance. However, Mr Hogg said business planning for 2020/21 has already commenced.

“At this stage we are already talking with all Takasho Group companies around the world, including Japan, UK, Germany, USA, Korea, India, Vietnam and Taiwan and we are seeking out what the emerging products are in these regions. From there we will then attempt to identify which emerging trends will suit the Australasian market in the near future,” Mr Hogg said.