Green cleaning to protect the environment

Green cleaning to protect the environment

It seems more and more Australians are choosing cleaning products that are ecologically beneficial, as these products not only eliminate the use of toxic chemicals that are released back into the environment, but also have many health and safety benefits as well.

Green cleaning products also prevent contamination of water, plants and wildlife, when non-toxic grey water is reintroduced back into the local environment. It seems consumers feel better about purchasing these products because environmental awareness is higher than ever before, particularly among women who are oft en the household decision makers when it comes to purchasing cleaning products.

EUCABotanicalMediumRes_webGreen cleaning products have also become popular for allergy and asthma sufferers, because they often reduce the development of asthma, which today is the most common chronic illness in the Western World, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Just some of the many environmentally friendly products that have become increasingly popular to the Australian consumer include products such as anti-bacterial cleaner and wipes by Euco-Clean or the Australian made Organic Clean products, which are also designed for natural, non-toxic cleaning.

Euca’s new household cleaning range Euca Cleaning Products is one such company that initially formulated its products to address the concerns of those with allergies, eczema or asthma, with its products developed with no in-soluble, harsh alkalis or fillers. The products also have very low sodium and phosphorous levels, so they are grey water safe and perfect to re-use on plants and soil.

Euca’s laundry products have been manufactured in Australia to an unchanged key set of principles for over 40 years. Initially created to clean tradie’s overalls and work clothes, Euca now has garnered a strong following, stemming from the automotive sector, right through to domestic users.

This year, Euca not only updated its packaging on some old favourites, but also developed a complete new range of products which now cover household cleaners, polishers and disinfectants. The new range is designed to excel in performance and value while still holding dear the virtues of the famous Euca laundry products, such as being biodegradable and suitable for use in grey water and septic systems. Euca’s new range and pack changes include:

1. Euca Liquid Laundry 1.5 litre is now a two litre version with easy pour bottle and measuring cap top
Euca Laundry Liquid has been around for some time now, but it was never really at home in its previous two litre packaging. Euca listened to its customers and responded by making all of its liquid based laundry products available in a new 1.5 litre pack. It was recently released with a better price point, a standard measuring cap to measure the precise amount for each wash to maintain its value for money and is also now easier to handle and pour. Euca utilises Australian eucalyptus oil to clean plus deodorise naturally, is sodium and phosphate free and is ideal for hot and cold, top and front loading washers. Euca Laundry Liquid is also suitable for all septic, bio and grey water systems, and is low allergenic for those with skin sensitivities.

EUCAFaboMediumres_web2. Euca Fabric Softener 1.5 litre is also now a two litre version with easy pour bottle and a measuring cap top
Euca Fabric Softener is a highly concentrated final wash aid that enriches fabrics to make them feel luxurious, soft er and fresher, while also making ironing easier. It has anti-static properties that make it particularly good for all synthetic blend fabrics. Euca Fabo utilises Australian eucalyptus oil to clean plus deodorise naturally, is sodium and phosphate free and ideal for top and front loading washers. Euca Fabo is also suitable for all septic, bio and grey water systems, and is low allergenic for those with skin sensitivities.

3. Euca Soft Wash 1.5 litre (previously known as ‘Wool Wash’)
Euca Soft Wash is a ‘premium blend’ natural soap based concentrate laundry liquid. It was previously known as ‘wool wash’, but is so much more. Soft Wash may be used as a secondary washing aid for all delicates, blankets, towels and doonas. Th e natural soap formula makes it perfect for hand washing and soaking but can be used in the machine as well. Other wool washes tend to strip lanolin from woollens, destroying its water protection and ability to warm or cool, while Soft Wash will not because it is a natural soap base. Soft Wash was made using Australian eucalyptus oil and, like its family, is suitable for all septic, bio and grey water systems and is low allergenic for those with sensitive skin.

4. New Euca Universal Cleaner Polish 500ml
Euca Universal Cleaner Polish is the ultimate non-caustic, multi-purpose cleaner that was created to be used on all hard surfaces around the home, including the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. It is specifically designed to remove all oxides and Verdigris from metals like stainless steel, aluminium, nickel, brass and silver. Euca Universal adds a high gloss protective coating of micro-crystallite wax, designed to protect surfaces, while making it ideal for ovens, cook tops, taps, fridges, sinks and cutlery. It will also clean without scratching glass, tiles, stone benches, laminates and plastics.

5. New Euca Tuff Super Strong Cleaner Degreaser 500ml spray pack
Euca Tuff Super Strong Cleaner Degreaser is made from citrus and eucalyptus, so again it does not contain the harsh chemicals and vapours like other cleaners that affect breathing and skin allergies. Euca Tuff devours grease and grime and may be used to clean almost anything, from walls, cement, stone, car interiors, laundry areas, taps, cupboard doors, ovens, cook tops, exhaust hoods and filters. It is also non-caustic so will not affect alloys, rubber, plastic and fabrics, and leaves a non-slip finish. Best of all it is the ideal natural BBQ cleaner and degreaser as it is safe around food products.

EUCAGlass500mlNEWLowres_web6. New Euca Glass and All Surface Cleaner 500ml spray pack
Euca Glass and All Surface Cleaner was developed as a streak free glass and shiny surface cleaner. To be used on all highly polished surfaces it makes life simple and stress free around the house with its quick drying, no residue formula. It also has an added anti-static agent to repel dust and lint to reduce re-soiling. Euca Glass will also remove stains and marks from fabrics, so it is great on chairs and carpets as well as clothes.

7. New Euca Smell Expel 500ml spray packEUCASmellExpell500mlNEWLowRes_web
New Euca Smell Expel was also recently designed by combining the power of a disinfectant with a hard working cleaning agent. It also has the added benefits of an odour neutraliser to actually kill and remove the enzymes that causes nasty smells, with an added deodoriser to give a fresh finish. Use around the home to remove the smelliest odours from drains and rubbish bins, while it may also be used as a great pet smell remover.

8. New bottle and style Euca Commercial Grade Disinfectant 750ml
Euca Commercial Grade Disinfectant is a concentrated commercial grade all-purpose surface cleaner and disinfectant formula made with 100 per cent Australian eucalyptus oil, due to its natural cleaning and deodorising properties. Th e eucalyptus creates its own fresh aroma so no other fragrance needs to be added. Euca Disinfectant does not contain any harsh bleaches, caustics or ammonia and is 100 per cent organic.

9. New Euca Dishwashing Liquid concentrate 750ml
Euca Dishwashing Liquid is a hard-working, 100 per cent biodegradable liquid concentrate made with tea tree and lemon grass oils. The new formula was created without any petrochemical surfactants, palm oils, chlorine, caustics or synthetic perfumes. Euca Dishwashing liquid also contains a rinse aid for a spot-free finish, even when left to drip dry.

EUCADisinfectantLowres_web10. New Euca Dish Washing Powder two kilogram
Euca Dishwashing Powder was previously known as ‘Euca Dish Genie’. While the name and label have been altered, the formula has not. The product remains as the commercial grade blend made using all Australian eucalyptus oil for its superior cleaning and deodorising properties plus added rinse aid. Like Euca Laundry Powder, it does not contain any added fillers that clog machines or leave residue on washes. Th e eucalyptus also removes the need for any synthetic perfume or petrochemical surfactants.

11. Euca Botanical Hand & Body Wash 500ml pump pack (previously known as ‘botanical’)
Euca Botanica is a hand and body wash created as a luxury high foam and quick rinse hand and body wash to satisfy the need for a true ‘soft soap’. The antibacterial formula is food grade safe and environmentally friendly, so it is perfect for the bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Euca Botanical has been blended with natural herbs for its fragrance and to also calm and soothe dry and tired skin, plus added skin conditioners create an overall refreshing clean result.


Methven2MakuSatinjetRailShower_webBathrooms that are committed to the environment
When it comes to bathroom and plumbing it seems that some companies are determined to create innovative experiences for the consumer, while also making a commitment to protect the environment as well.
One such company is Methven, which recently lived up to its cause to create amazing water experiences for the consumer that do not cost the earth. This was made possible through its selection of Satinjet® showers that already qualify for the new Water Effi ciency Labelling Scheme (WELS) 4-star, 7.5 litres per minute comfort rating.

To achieve this new (WELS) 4-star comfort rating, showers must operate at fl ow rates of 7.5 litres of water per minute or less – yet still deliver superior performance and comfort. WELS recently expanded its normal water flow rate test to also include spray force and coverage to validate a shower’s comfort. Showers that pass these new testing standards will also be identified by a new 4-star label design.

Methven1KiriRailShowerv2_webMethven currently has the most WELS 4 Star showers on the market, and according to Methven Chief Operating Officer of the Australian market, Troy Mortleman, the new classifi cation will provide customers with additional confi dence when buying showers. “Our patented Satinjet® showers naturally lend themselves to this new comfort rating as they have been meticulously designed to achieve the best possible shower experience, whilst being conscious of how we use nature’s most precious resource,” Mr Mortleman said.

“And the re-classification of these showers is truly a testament to the design and engineering expertise of our award-winning New Zealand team,” he said.

Methven Satinjet® showers use patented twin-jet technology to create over 300,000 droplets of water per second. The result is a fully immersive shower experience for the user.

A selection of Methven’s Satinjet® shower collections have been recognised for its superior performance and have also earned this new rating. This rating provides consumers with more information and confi dence than they have had to date when purchasing a shower, and also ensure the customer feels better knowing they are purchasing a product that saves resources without sacrificing experience. This year Methven plans to further expand the number of four star showers in its range as it continues its on-going commitment to offering amazing showers which do not cost the earth.
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