Grow garden sheds category by going Globel

Grow garden sheds category by going Globel

Garden sheds are the perfect stowaway utility to keep tools and equipment accessible, organised and out of sight. It is the perfect addition that can complement and add visual appeal to any garden setting.

Globel Industries, and its array of gardening sheds, has become a serious contender in this category. Renowned internationally for its durability, robust construction and design detail, each highly saleable product is the brainchild of managing director, Chris Gobel who is meticulous about merchandise form andgobel sheds function without compromising on quality and the requirements of his retail customers.

Range for retail
As showcased at major international hardware shows, the choice of sheds include Gable, Skillion and Lean-To which come in a palette of contemporary colours to please a broad spectrum of consumers – essential for home improvement retailing. Retail customers can select from Heritage Green, Mist Green, Slate Grey and Smooth Cream, or a combination of these colours to best suit their garden.

Customers can customise
Innovation is vital in creating solutions that are not only popular with customers, but increasing profit margins for retailers with line extensions and product customisation. This is why Globel Gardening developed a range of add-ons to give consumers various options to tailor suit their sheds. This includes hinged door kits as well as an array of skylights, windows and shelving units which are available separately and in different sizes.

Windows – These are offered in small and large options which are available as is or in window kits with wall sheets cut to size.

Skylights – Available in three different sizes. The more skylights used in a shed, the greater the amount of natural light is available inside the shed.

Boltless shelves – A brand new range of boltless shelves are now available in three different height options. These shelving kits are specifically built to size and will complement the range of garden sheds with the shelf steel components powder coated in silver to colour match the shed’s internal steel frame.

Hinged door kit – Also available as an alternative door style option or fitted as an additional side entry point for any of the sheds.

Product core
Distinction is synonymous with any Globel product, which is why the quality of steel used is an important aspect, especially when sourcing from China. The foundation of any shed can be made from various base metals, however Globel Industries insists on a rigorous process starting with a hot-dip galvanised sheet. This is followed by a multiple five-layer process until it reaches the final coat. The steel used has a 10-year warranty by the steel manufacturer and not just from the manufacturer of the garden sheds.

Attention to detail
Every shed’s internal frame, roof beams and corner braces are made from the same steel. Additionally, every effort is made to ensure that all components such as the roof corner cap, door handles, door glides, fascia, etc. are colour matched to ensure visual appeal and colour flow through from the exterior into the interior of the sheds.

Retail packaging
Each product is packed in protective cartons complete with easy assembly manuals which are featured in 10 languages including: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Romanian, Czech and Slovak. All stock is shipped on purpose-built timber pallets for maximum protection and stability during transportation.

About the company
Established in 2006, managing director Chris Gobel has over 18 years experience in all aspects of storage solutions, including steel, timber, plastic and wire, which places him in a unique position to facilitate wholesalers and retailers around the world.
Gobel has astute knowledge of world markets and consumer requirements and remains well positioned through valued relationships with numerous manufacturers. Not only specialising with the importation of the products that are profitable, if Mr Gobel cannot find the right product for his retail customers, he will develop it himself.

For more information about Globel Gardening sheds and its extensive storage range, visit or contact: +61 03 9646 0162.