HPM – Illuminating the way with LEDs

HPM – Illuminating the way with LEDs

There are numerous benefits to replacing halogen downlights with LED alternatives, including being more energy efficient, creating less heat, and lasting longer.

The reason LEDs are more energy efficient is because the LED technology allows less energy to be wasted as heat. This is why a nine-watt LED luminaire can replace a 50-watt halogen luminaire. Most of the nine-watt drawn by the LED is converted into light, whereas a halogen converts most of the 50-watt into heat.

Not only does this unwanted heat from halogens affect heating, ventilation and cooling requirements for an area, but it can also present a fire risk in instances where adequate separation between the halogen luminaire and adjacent combustible materials – especially insulation – has not been observed.

The HPM range of LED lighting complies with strict Australian standards and all fixtures and lamps are tested in the Sydney NATA accredited laboratory to ensure the highest possible quality assurance. This accreditation ensures quality components, and also up to 35,000 hours life expectancy. This translates to approximately 20 years based on three to four hours usage per day.

Class-leading quality and compatibility
Many LEDs have been known to flash or flicker, which can disrupt the light oscillation, damage the luminaire and hinder an otherwise well-lit space.

HPM has designed a range of MR16 LED down lights for easy DIY replacement of existing halogen down lights. As the most compatible LEDs currently on the market, the MR16 family works seamlessly with most existing transformers, thereby avoiding common issues with LED lamps such as flickering, flashing or simply not working.

Light up the great outdoors
Ideal for lighting up the urban backyard, the FINA is a super slim and super sleek LED floodlight. Its light output has been designed to highlight key areas and provide extra security. The LED globe means that FINA will throw a brilliant illumination over a long period, using only a tiny amount of power.

With its wall or ceiling mounting options, the FINA allows for maximum lighting design options for an outdoor space, whether the backyard, alfresco or even the driveway.

The Automatic Twin Floodlight, with sensor, is also a versatile floodlight featuring dual lights that can be independently positioned allowing different areas to be illuminated, perfect for secluded walkways, driveways and front and back porches.

It sports a 120-degree field of view and a 12-metre detection range, with the PIR sensor activating lights when motion is detected within that range.

The future of LEDs never looked so bright.

For more information on the extensive range of LED lighting products visit: www.hpm.com.au or call 1300 369 777.