Increased need for high tech security

Increased need for high tech security

With a significant rise in break and enters in Australia, the increasing need for high quality security systems is evident. The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently reported that of the 8.9 million households in Australia, over 16 per cent experienced some sort of break-in to their home, garage, car or shed in the 12 months from 2014-2015. In this extensive report, Christine Bannister investigates current trends in the safety and security market.

In Victoria alone, burglary (including break and enter), increased 9.1 per cent from 2014-2015, while theft is up 11 per cent, according to Crime Statistics Agency (

It seems now more than ever, technology is dominating the safety and security market, particularly with the introduction of Bluetooth and WiFi access. With smart devices now a major part of everyday life, it makes sense to utilise these devices to access locks and it seems the demand for such devices is growing, particularly considering there is the option of multiple access solutions from a single device. Users may also use the one app to open the door to the home and the office.

However, if this is too technologically advanced for your customers, or they are concerned with the security of using Bluetooth or WiFi access being vulnerable to hackers, there is also the option of a simple keyless lock which only requires a pin code to gain access.

US market

The US home security solutions market recently predicted that it will achieve a market size of $30,293 million by the year 2022, according to, with this figure including complete security solution systems for homes and offices.rsz_assa_2

Wireless security is also predicted to remain top of choice in the future, because it does not require wiring and homeowners can install home security themselves. Users also have the peace of mind of alerts which can be sent straight to their mobile device or PC and can even turn the alarm off during false emergencies with a simple text message.

Currently one of the most common trends in the US home security market is video technology, with smarter and smaller devices soon to dominate the home security market, according to is one American company that offers such technology, via the August app, with users given the ability to remotely lock and unlock the door of a house or business through the app, while also providing virtual keys that may be changed between guests. Users can also use the August app to work with existing security products, such as Nest Cam, another innovation which will no doubt be released onto the Australian market in the near future.

Smart locks

So why have smart locks become so popular? Smart locks have the ability to simply detect the home owner’s presence via a Bluetooth connection in a smartphone (or a Bluetooth key) and immediately opens a door. Smart locks also allow electronic keys to be sent to a tradesman, cleaner or friend, during times specified by the home or business owner. While WiFi locks offer more functions (like being able to see whether your door is locked in real time), they do have a reputation of being less safe because they are always connected to the internet. Bluetooth only locks can offer more security, however they do have the reputation to offer fewer features, and this may change over time.

Improved product performance

ASSA ABLOY Australia region president, David Oliver said the company’s focus for the past 12 months has been on improving performance and delivery for its customers, as well as developing and launching innovative products.

ASSA ABLOY is forecasting an exciting year ahead, with several new products already released in the market and plenty more in the pipeline, according to Mr Oliver.rsz_david_oliver_head_shot-2

“This will see us launch 13 new products over a 12 month period. Earlier this year, ASSA ABLOY announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Lockwood Paradigm Pull handle lockset. This product expresses superior state-of-the-art design and also incorporates the LockAlert® and SafetyRelease™ features from the existing Lockwood 005 Paradigm Deadbolt; ensuring exceptional security with an elegant design. We are focused on launching products that are not only innovative but will increase the basket size for our retail partners,” he said.

“We have an exciting year ahead with a range of
promotions to support the launch of new innovative products. These will include new retail padlocks, entrance sets, new digital solutions and the recently launched Paradigm Pull Handle. We will also embark on a range of consumer driven advertising so that consumers will look for our products in store and assist our retail partners to grow this category,” Mr Oliver said.

When looking at future trends, Mr Oliver said ASSA ABLOY, along with many other businesses in the Australian building industry, continues to be impacted by global trends, such as urbanisation and demographic change, sustainability and digitisation.

Gainsborough’s recently released its LocRight™ double cylinder dead latch.

“As society evolves so too does security, and as such ASSA ABLOY’s product development focus is moving into the digital space. While keyless locking, wireless and fingerprint technology are areas of development, the group is looking to further expand its product offerings. These expanded ranges should assist in increasing sales in new fit and replacement markets as we see a reduction from what appears to be the top of the building cycle over the next 12 to 18 months,” Mr Oliver said.

Current issues in the industry include a decline in the Australian dollar causing a large part of the supply base for the building and construction industry to endure cost pressures, he said.

“For us, a large amount of our inputs are also impacted by this; materials such as zinc, copper, brass and stainless steel for local manufacture. Finished goods are impacted to a greater extent. We are focused on improving supply chain efficiencies to minimise this impact to our customers,” he said.

Gainsborough’s Digital Entry Lever Lock was launched late last year.

Gainsborough’s Digital Entry Lever Lock was launched late last year.

Mr Oliver also touched on conformity in quality standards in safety and security products in Australia, reiterating the importance of standards to ensure safety, security and product life – which are designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they are intended to.

“These standards are imperative to ensure that the built environment remains at a standard that Australians all expect. This relates to quality of material and also to the safety attributes that are expected. AS4145.2 is the Australian Standard covering mechanical locksets for

doors and windows in building and it documents test procedures and conformance levels for ease of operation, durability, cylinder security, physical security, keying security and corrosion resistance,” he said.

“Conformity is an area ASSA ABLOY takes very seriously and as such employs a strenuous testing and quality control regime to ensure compliance to both the Australian Standards and our own expectation of quality. We use a range of additional tests on our security products to deliver safety above the level of the Australian standards in many cases,” Mr Oliver said.

For now ASSA ABLOY continues to offer the world’s largest selection of lock and security products that meet the needs of almost any security application or standard in the world, according to Mr Oliver, who said ASSA ABLOY’s point of difference is the variety of traditional and new products that can be combined to create a large number of different door environments. ASSA ABLOY Australia also recently won an Australian packaging award for its retail padlock display packaging, which has been well received instore by consumers.

“We have a wide range of products for different applications, different types of buildings and different security and safety requirements. By combining hundreds of thousands of components to meet the needs of consumers, architects and installers, ASSA ABLOY creates products with the right quality, design and price, which are ideal for both new buildings and renovations. We continue to manufacture a range of products in Australia that allows us to respond quickly to customer demands.

“Our business is based on adding value to our customers by providing a total door opening solution, which is focused on leading in innovation,” he said.

Gainsborough’s new LocRight double cylinder dead latch

Following the launch of several innovative new products over the past 12 months, Gainsborough Hardware is also pleased to announce the release of the LocRight™ double cylinder dead latch to the Australian market.

Gainsborough’s LocRight sets a new standard in security and functionality for residential entry doors, according to the company, with LocRight’s unique Dual Status Indicators showing the lock status (red for locked and green for unlocked) from both inside and outside the door for the ultimate in safety and convenience.

The new Schlage Sense™ range is about to be launched in Australia.

The new Schlage Sense™ range is about to be launched in Australia.

“Security is paramount to the LocRight, so the lock status is only visible from outside the door when the owner’s key is inserted in the lockset.  Combined with several market leading safety and security features, the LocRight represents the ideal upgrade to existing dead latches and night latches which are common on residential entry doors around the country,” according to residential product manager, Nigel Van Langenberg.

“The trend towards digital locking solutions continues to grow in popularity with Australian consumers, as evidenced by the ever-increasing number of products available on retail shelves. The convenience and ease of access provided by digital door locks means many Australians are choosing to upgrade their existing mechanical locks with digital solutions,” Mr Van Langenberg said.

“The traditional bulky set of keys is becoming less relevant in this market, with consumers having a wide choice of convenient and flexible entry options including electronic key pads and RFID entry tags. Gainsborough’s Digital Entry Lever Lock was launched in late 2015 and offers a stylish digital alternative to mechanical entry locks. Designed for the DIY market, this lockset is retro-fittable on standard 54mm door preparations and is the ideal digital security upgrade to traditional knobsets, leversets and deadbolts.”

“As always, Gainsborough is committed to leading the market through the combination of product innovation and cutting edge style, so expect to see exciting developments in digital locking technology in the near future,” he said.

Allegion’s passion for excellence

The last two years have been busy for the team at Allegion. Firstly due to its transition from being part of the Ingersoll Rand group, to a stand-alone US$2 billion dollar global company, with the change being very fast and successful.

Allegion has worked hard to identify gaps in its product ranges, and has been fortunate to have Australian companies Brio and FSH join its family, according to Allegion marketing manager Australia and New Zealand, Craig Patterson.

“Two of our seven core values as a company are – be curious beyond the obvious and have a passion for excellence. For our Schlage brand this has been especially important. We have been moving to give more to the customers and channel. We have freshened our brand and identity, as well as introduced a number of innovative and new products including thrsz_masterlock_bluetooth_smart_padlockse F Series matte black range and Schlage Touch™,” Mr Patterson said.

The response from Allegion’s Matte Black range has also been particularly successful, according to Mr Patterson, with the unique designs and a life time finish warranty setting Allegion apart from the current black finish trend in the hardware industry. The feedback on the designs and functionality have been great, he said.

“Keyless technology is also becoming more common, with consumers feeling more comfortable putting the security of their home in convenient keyless technology. Our team have been working hard on a number of products to meet this growing demand, including the Schlage Touch™ products launched last year, and the Schlage Sense™ range, which is about to launch in Australia. This is after a successful North American launch. Schlage Sense™ adds the convenience of working with Apple’s Homekit technology to provide functions such as remote access and Siri being able to unlock your door,” Mr Patterson said.

“The trend for black, keyless entry and unique style continues in the door hardware industry. Consumers want individuality, at a reasonable price. We find most consumers know there is a balance between price and quality, especially the group home builder segment, who stake their reputation on trusted brands and products,” he said.

Amongst many of the exciting developments at Allegion is the introduction of new national sales manager, Joel Johnstone.

“Towards the end of 2015, we welcomed Joel Johnstone into the role of national sales manager, covering both the commercial and residential markets. This has resulted in a more cohesive sales approach to better service our customers and the market,” Mr Patterson said.

Trio focusses on the independents

Trio’s national sales manager, Mario DeNicola, agrees that due to recent events and announcements in the market, it is obvious business is currently tough, but there are always challenges to deal with, particularly for the independents.

“Regardless of this, Trio continues to expand and improve its range of products and category solutions, focussing on the independent market and offering new and exciting merchandising solutions across existing and new products and ranges,” Ms DeNicola said.

“Much of our growth over recent years has been driven by working closely with clients and identifying areas that are either lacking or need improving. I believe being a family business with a very close and committed management team enables us to both understand the challenges of our clients and also be in a position to change and adapt to the market quickly and efficiently. Which probably explains why our current ranges have grown so dramatically.”

“As well as expanding into large well established ranges such as wire and mesh, we continue to add specific products within existing ranges that either fill a gap, or provide a stronger merchandising offer for our clients,” she said.

More recently, Trio has added security door locks to its existing range of pneumatic closers and hinges. This now offers a neat merchandising solution for a range that seems quite fragmented at the moment, Ms DeNicola said.

“There is more to come with an exciting new product which we expect to launch in the next few months…just watch this space,” she said.

Your Smartphone is the key

Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks have revolutionised padlock security by turning your customer’s smart phone into a key. With a free easy-to-use app, users do not have to worry about losing keys, forgetting combinations, or unauthorised key duplication again. Users can also remotely share access with friends, family, colleagues and employees, while also monitoring the locks’ activity

The indoor model is ideal for lockers, workplace settings, cabinets and storage units while the rugged outdoor model is designed specifically for sheds, gates, garages, construction sites and other business and service environments.

With anti-shim technology and a boron shackle offering maximum security, these padlocks combine ergonomic features with strength, durability and reliability, making them the perfect choice for use at home, office, job site or school.

Strengthen your padlock range with the Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock, the latest innovation from Master Lock.

Protection from the unexpected

Sentry Safe has protected valuables from fire, flood and theft with its reliable and innovative range of chests, files and safes, for over 80 years.rsz_sentry_safe_1

Available in a range of sizes, Sentry Safes can withstand temperatures ranging from 620 degrees Celsius up to 1000 degrees Celsius for periods ranging from half an hour up to two hours.

Sentry Safe products also come with different levels of waterproof and water-resistant technology to ensure your customer’s most treasured valuables are unscathed by flooding, violent storms and other causes of water in your home. The Sentry Safe ETL verified waterproof guarantee ensures that items placed in the Sentry Safe will remain dry even through extreme exposure to water.

All Sentry Safe products are independently tested to ensure they can withstand the harshest environments. Sentry Safes come complete with many different lock types designed for different levels of security and convenience and are ideal for storing and protecting passports, paper documents, spare keys, family photos, jewellery, collectibles, business records, DVD’s, USB drives, memory cards and portable hard drives.

For more information visit:

Trio’s SafeSelect lock technology

Trio recently launched a full range of door furniture, including its hinge security door lock and sliding security door lock, with SafeSelect door locking technology for easy use and extra safety.

The SafeSelect technology specifically allows users to turn the key 90 degrees to snib for safety and also turn the key an additional 90 degrees to deadlock for extra security.

The hinge security door lock has a serrated locking bolt which provides extra grip against forced entry, with the furniture designed as non-handed so it suits both the left and right hand doors. It fits industry standard cut outs and has a large ergonomically designed inside snib lever, as well as a pressed steel lock body and face plate for additional strength. The lock is easy to install, features Amortice lock with inside snib lever, key overrides snib application, automatic latching and will suit standard 20 mm door thickness.

Trio’s sliding door lock also suits left or right hand closing sliding doors, has a hook beak deadlock, is self-latching and also features an ergonomically designed inside snib lever. Operated with Euro profile floating cam cylinders, the sliding door lock fits industry standard cut outs, with the Retrofit Multi Point Kits also available for three point applications. The pressed steel lock body and face plate provides additional strength, while the high strength lock and three point locks have stainless steel keepers and hook beaks.

The new range also includes a new cylinder range, several screen door hinges, as well as a new pneumatic door closer.

Pet friendly home security systems

Several pet friendly security systems have been introduced in recent years, including Bosch Tritech Detectors, which are designed specifically to take advantage of the physical differences between people and animals.

The Bosch Tritech detectors combine the factors of hair, limbs and height, varying the sensitivity of detection zones based on these three factors.

ADT Security has also recently released a pet friendly alarm and said that a common question the company is asked by consumers, is whether an alarm system can be installed in homes with pets.

“For anyone concerned their furry friends will accidentally activate home security sensors and trigger a false alarm, there is no need to be. Advances in motion technology have helped to solve this problem which is great news for pet owners,” a company spokesperson said.

Pet friendly sensors are programmed to distinguish animal movements from human movements based on their size and weight. The technology was developed by analysing the movement patterns of thousands of humans and animals. Engineers and computer programmers then converted this information into sophisticated algorithms that can separate human and animal movements, and incorporated these into sensors,” the spokesperson said.

The ADT Security pet friendly sensors are programmed to allow animals weighing less than 20 kilograms to move around undetected. The exception is when they come within 1.8 metres of the sensors (for example, a dog jumping on the bed or a bird flying around the house).

“Because of the height restriction, it’s important to consult your security specialist when positioning pet friendly motion sensors. Generally, they should be positioned 1.8 metres away from any potential interference from your furry friends. This will help to reduce the incidence of false alarms. If you have pets at home, talk to your security provider or call our customer service team to discuss having a pet friendly alarm system installed,” the spokesperson said.