Introducing GP Safeguard – outdoor sensor lights

Introducing GP Safeguard – outdoor sensor lights

Safeguard 3

Powercell recently released its GP Safeguard Sensor Light range, a new range of quick and easy to install battery operated LED sensor lights, specifically designed for the DIY market.

Developed by GP Batteries, the innovative Safeguard lights incorporate the benefits of LED lights in a battery operated sensor light. Available in two single LED and two dual LED models, the significant advantage of the Safeguard sensor lights is ease of use and installation.
The range provides lighting without mains power, wiring or potentially unsafe cords, making them an ideal alternative around homes, construction sites, rural locations and recreation.
Installation is simple and straightforward, with units also designed to be wall mounted via a permanent mounting bracket or temporarily positioned using the removable mounting clamps.
The Safeguard lights are waterproof (rated to IP55 and IP44) for outdoor use and the LED light(s) and passive infra-red (PIR) photo sensor are both adjustable.
There are four different lumen ratings available – 50, 100, 130 and 260 lumens. The 50 and 130 lumen models utilise a single LED light and the 100 and 260 lumen models operate two LED lights. Batteries are included with each unit, along with the optional mounting bracket and screws.

Over one year of lighting
The single LED models (RF1 and RF3) are capable of providing approximately 400 days of lighting and the dual LED models (RF3 and RF4) are capable of providing around 200 days, when activated an average of five times per day in sensor mode. Alternatively the units can also be set to constant “on” mode to provide continuous lighting.
When mounted, the light direction is adjustable both horizontally and vertically for all models. The motion sensor direction can also be adjusted and the detection area can be limited, by use of the optional sensor mask included.
The larger RF3 and RF4, C powered models, include an additional ‘flash’ mode that triggers the LED(s) to flash for 10 seconds at night while motion is detected. In addition, these two models also include an adjustable dusk to dawn sensor, allowing adjustment of the sensor’s sensitivity to surrounding light.
Powercell carries the full range of GP Safeguard models, along with a comprehensive range of standard and specialty batteries, torches, chargers and portable power products, for home, trade and industrial applications. Based nationally, with sales offices in all states and backed by a 35 year strategic alliance with GP Batteries, Powercell’s trained sales staff are committed to excellence in customer service and advice.

For more information on the GP Safeguard range or the GP range of battery products available, contact Powercell on (08) 8223 2011 or visit: