J-B Weld partners with HPP


J-B Weld partners with HPP Lunds, to bring leading epoxy adhesive to Australia

J-B Weld, a leader in consumer epoxy adhesives, has partnered with HPP Lunds to offer its full line of epoxy adhesives, thread lockers, silicone sealants and other adhesive products to consumers in Australia.

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For more than 40 years, J-B Weld products have earned a loyal and enthusiastic following from PlasticWeld-601x1024avid DIYers and repair professionals alike, offering a range of simple and affordable solutions that help just about anyone to take on small and large repairs throughout the home.

“J-B Weld’s original, two-part epoxy formula was developed as an alternative to traditional torch welding,” said HPP Lunds National Sales Manager, Lee Haywood.

“Today, that same epoxy strength has been applied to over two dozen products, each customised to bond to a specific surface including steel, aluminum, SMC fiberglass, wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, carpet and more.”

By mixing equal parts resin and hardener, customers activate the epoxy adhesive, which will bond to just about any surface. Whether it’s J-B Weld’s traditional twin tube epoxies, putty sticks or syringe applicators, each product is specifically designed to provide the strongest bond in its class.

KwikWeld-654x1024Products like ClearWeld and KwikWeld, dry in as little as five minutes and provide quick fixes to problems ranging from broken ceramics to metals and glass. ClearWeld, with a syringe  and no-mess cap, dries clear and is a popular standby for arts and crafts enthusiasts or home design professionals.

No homeowner should be without SteelStik or WaterWeld in the toolbox, according to J-B Weld. These two-part epoxy putty sticks can prove invaluable in a late night plumbing emergency, with their ability to plug and repair leaks in metal or PVC pipes.

For the woodworking enthusiast, WoodWeld twin tubes and KwikWood putty stick provides unmatched strength for wood repairs of any kind. Around the home, WoodWeld is ideal for putting an end to loose chair and table legs by creating a permanent bond that wood glues can’t. KwikWood putty can quickly and easily be workedKwikWood-601x1024 in to stripped screw holes and re-tapped for door hinges.

For heavy duty repairs, original J-B Weld cold weld formula can withstand temperatures of over 280°C and like its companion, epoxy adhesive products can be machined, sanded, tapped, drilled or painted, providing limitless solutions for innovative repairs.

In the garage, kitchen, workshop or garden, J-B Weld consumers have used the products to fix common household leaks, cracks and breaks on items like washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, pipes, cabinets, floor tiles, counter tops, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, furniture, golf clubs, musical instruments, lawn mowers, water hoses and more.

MarineWeld-654x1024The packaging has also been updated and shows a strong presence on store displays to capture the trade and retail purchase.

“Being the first Australian company to distribute the entire range of J-B Weld products in Australia, we hope to offer our customers even more solutions for saving money. Whether you’re repairing a leaky sink or looking for an economical way to get a few more years out of that older model lawn mower, we believe J-B Weld products will be well-received by Australian DIY audiences,” Mr Haywood said.

For more information, visit the products section of www.jbweld.com or call HPP Lunds: (07) 3722 1111.