Legrand’s Smart lights lead the way

by | Mar 17, 2022

Legrand’s Smart lights lead the way

End-users are drawn to HPM Smart Downlight’s remote-control capabilities and superior energy efficiency.

After spending so much time at home throughout the pandemic, most homeowners have discovered that redesigning or replacing lighting within a room or home is a simple and cost-effective way to renew and modernise a space. Smart lighting and LEDs were the winning products amongst homeowners during this time and beyond. 

It is for this reason that the HPM Smart Downlight has grown in popularity, according to  Legrand Marketing Communications and Advertising Manager Jason Neophytou who says consumers are not only drawn to the product’s remote-control capabilities, but its superior energy efficiency as well.

“The HPM Smart Downlight is a power-conscious, seven-watt unit that consumes dramatically less energy than the average 50-watt halogen downlight. The Smart Downlights are evolutionary and perfect for homeowners or renters because they simply connect their downlight to their smart device for seamless remote control; adjust brightness and colour temperature, or set a timer to turn lights on and off when not in use. The HPM Smart Downlight is also flicker resistant so users will not experience any flickering whilst dimming,” he revealed.

Although homeowners are continuing to invest in home upgrades this year, they are also still on the lookout for affordable options which is why there is such a wide range of solutions scalable to consumers’ budgets within this space, Mr Neiphytou said.

“Legrand continually offers solutions that are simple to install and also affordable, stylish, and scalable. Excel Life Smart is a great example within this category because consumers can start in one room with the Excel Life Smart ‘starter kit’ to see how the intelligent wiring devices and home automation suits their home and build out their home network from there.”

“Launched in March last year, Excel Life Smart is designed to designate power use to day-to-day activities. Through connection to both smartphone devices and voice-activated digital assistants, users can monitor energy consumption and enable additional control power settings. Features include dimming, scheduling and automating lighting to ensure all non-essential lights and outlets are turned off when not in use. Another key function is the ability to set up a ‘welcome home’ scenario that automatically activates a series of devices and appliances simultaneously on command.”

Excel Smart Life allows users to monitor energy consumption and control power settings when connected to smart phones and voice-activated digital assistants.

“These solutions may be easily incorporated into the home without the need to replace existing lighting or appliances. The features not only add to the value of a property but also enhance the comfort, convenience, energy efficiency and safety within the home,” he explained.

The need for easy-to-use, affordable lighting solutions is on-going, particularly as smart home technology and home automation continue to increase in popularity. However, Mr Neiphytou believes that the added ability to control and reduce energy consumption via smartphones is also creating growing interest from consumers.

“Our target market are homeowners who want to embrace the benefits of smart home technology, whether a touch-up, renovation or rebuild. Last year Australians splashed an astounding $1 billion a month on renovations. The trend is expected to continue into 2022 with people focusing on enhancing their kitchens, as well as indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. Many homeowners are familiarising themselves with smart home technology that may have previously been considered too technical or expensive to install in their home which is why Legrand offers a range of smart home technology and home automation solutions that are simple to install, affordable, accessible and scalable.” 

Although product styles do drive some categories, Mr Neiphytou believes it is a combination of product quality, innovation, value for money, and product usability that continues to build sales within this space. 

Mr Neiphytou concluded, “The electrical fittings, lighting and accessories category will always be a crucial part of any home renovation or upgrade, and I strongly believe it is a combination of all of these factors that continues to drive sales. Lighting is a focal point of any home or room. Technology, functionality, design, and affordability are core pillars for Legrand which each play a pivotal role in ensuring products appeal to consumers and meet their growing and evolving home, style and technology requirements.”