Light up the steps and be safe

Garden lights are usually a hit in summer as they are a fantastic way to light up an outdoor deck or garden when entertaining on those warm nights. However, have you ever thought of advising your customers to light up their outdoor steps, not only for looks, but for safety as well.

New to the Brilliant Lighting range is the LED lighting family, including flexible LED strip lights. Brilliant Lighting National Key Accounts Manager, Stephen D’Arcy said the new LED range is a far cry from the older, rigid LED rope lights that were introduced onto the market several years ago.

LED strip lighting
“Brilliant Lighting’s Flexible LED Strip Lights are super-flexible Strips with 3M adhesive backing, so you can mount these anywhere to give that under-lit effect to any outdoor area. They are ideal to be used on the under-side of a hand rail alongside steps, a bar, bench seating, even on retaining walls and garden paths. Anywhere that your customers require a long strip of light to be used, for effect and safety (for example, on steps), these new lights are sure to impress. The strip lights may also be remotely operated and are available in RGB or cool white and warm white light options,” Mr D’Arcy said.
“Now when you suggest to your customers to use these flexible LED strips on stairways, ensure you do not limit your imagination. These lights have a shroud over half of the light, which means that the beam of light is directed in a downwards direction. So any particular situation where you really want to light down – you can use these strips.”
“The innovative LED strips may also be installed in the risers or treads of stairs, along the bottom of a wall, where the strips may be used as guidance lights and where a pathway can be easily lit up without over lighting an entire outdoor area,” he said.

LED deck lighting
Brilliant Lighting also recently announced the launch of its RGB Colour Changing Deck Lights, which may also be controlled by remote and photo cell sensors. The colour changing RGB LED Deck Lights also have the ability to automatically sense day time and night and switch on or off according to the outside light that is available.

Plug and Play
Low Voltage LED Kits

Also now available are low voltage LED kits that may be easily installed by the average DIY consumer without expensive electrical installation costs. There are a number of single and kit options, which include easy quick connecting cables and joiners that are powered up by low voltage weather proof led drivers.
“Solar is great but it is a low voltage light that relies on the sun, and this doesn’t necessarily always work. LED not only uses much less power, but your customers do not need an electrician, just an outdoor socket and then cables can easily be run throughout the garden or deck, while the joiners assist in creating the lighting required,” Mr D’Arcy said.
Brilliant Lighting has a significant range of quality SSA approved lighting fixtures including an extensive range of LED security and garden lighting that all come with a minimum one
year warranty.