Milwaukee’s NPS 2016

Milwaukee’s new ONE-KEY™ digital jobsite solution, a new 9.0Ah battery and over 20 new cordless products, were launched in Melbourne at Milwaukee’s New Product Symposium 2016 on August 30.

A major feature of the New Product Symposium included Milwaukee’s new M18™ 9.0Ah battery, designed specifically to deliver up to five times more run-time, up to 35 per cent more power and run up to 60 per cent cooler when tested against Milwaukee’s M18™ 3.0Ah battery.

ONE-KEY™ – Unlocking the Digital Jobsite
Dealers, key end users and leading members of the editorial community were the fi rst in the industry to be introduced to Milwaukee’s new ONE-KEY™ jobsite app. To be launched into the Australian market on October 1, the ONE-KEY™ app was developed for Milwaukee professional tool users, from tradesmen to large contractors, and has the ability to give users full access to the tool.
Milwaukee’s National Marketing Manager, Marcus Monch, demonstrated
how inventory management could be easily accessed via the ONE-KEY™ app, including the tool’s model number and serial number, which is unique to every tool. Users can also simply log into ONE-KEY™, search for their tool, which may have been lost on a construction site or may have been stolen, and track the tool to its last known location which is shown in the app via Google maps. For tradesmen this security aspect is expected to pay off , particularly as thieves realise more and more that pinching a Milwaukee product is just not worth it. “Added functionality in the future will also allow users to lock out any tool, so if it is stolen, the tool simply won’t work,” Mr Monch said.
“One of the biggest questions from our dealers is ‘are we changing our platform’. No we are not. ONE-KEY™ is simply unlocking the digital job site. It is a cloud based program that can be used for record keeping, to upload/download inventories, track repair warranties, save receipts, sync wirelessly and log the tool’s status,” he said.
The app’s report features also include a Tool Spend Report, Tool Allocation Report and Inventory Audit Report. When it comes to managing larger contractual jobs, the app allows the site manager to audit all Milwaukee tools and other assets on the jobsite, according to the company.

Another function of ONE-KEY™ is its Tool Control. Users can easily log into ONE-KEY™ and fully customise their tools to their own specifi c applications. With ONE KEY™, for drills and impact drivers/wrenches, the main function will be the ability to control RPM’s, torque, anti-kick back and trigger ramp, which can then all be easily saved on the tool’s preset modes for simple future use.

Milwaukee lights up its newest category

Milwaukee has continued to introduce several new lighting products onto the market, aft er launching into the category just two years ago, and finding consumers are seeking alternatives to halogen, power and bulb lighting. It is for this reason that Milwaukee has continued to focus on cooler LEDs and user friendly lighting throughout its lighting battery operated range.

Just some of Milwaukee’s new lighting products include:
1. Stand lights – multidirectional head, dust and water resistant.
2. RADIUS™ light – adapts, performs and survives better than any on the market place. Boasting 4400 lumens on high mode, it can be used as either a ground light, raft er light or wall mounted and is extremely durable for work site conditions. A ONE-KEY™ RADIUS™ will also be made available, with an output of 6,600 lumens and the ability to control the light via the ONE-KEY™ app to set timer shut off and programmable calendar for start and shut off days and times.
3. World fi rst utility bucket light – featuring rotating heads and three mode setting.
4. ROVER™ fl ood light – A cool temperature alternative suitable for small spaces where heat may be hazardous. Also very durable and can be dropped from nine feet without breaking.

Newly launched power tools
Just some of Milwaukee’s latest power tools launched on the day, all fueled with the
new M18™ 9.0Ah battery included:
1. Fuel Mitre Saw – which delivers 400 cuts on one M18™ 9.0Ah battery and weighs just 20 kilograms, which is lighter than major competitors.
2. Nailers – fully cordless, with the ability to deliver a full day’s work on a 2.0Ah battery.
3. Dry Wall Screw Gun – engineered to be faster than cordless at 4500 rpm.                                    4. Cut Out Tool – developed specifi cally to be lightweight and compact.
5. Auto Detailer – engineered specifi cally for comfort and balance.
6. Trimmer – battery operated with no lull in motor and 50 minutes run time on high.                 7. Hedge Trimmer – battery operated with the ability to cut up to 19 mm branches and built with an elongated the body to be more maneuverable.
8. Blower – also battery operated with the ability to push leafs up to 4.6 metres.

As tools have evolved so have accessories, according to Milwaukee, which recently spent over $5 million upgrading equipment at its Innovation Centre. Milwaukee also spent a further $70 million on another two plants, with an aim to not only improve and focus on manufacturing processes, productivity and testing but to also to ensure it delivers world class products, whilst remaining competitive. “We are always talking to end users to ensure our products will sell through to your customers. When we focus on developing new accessories, we work particularly closely with our cordless products to ensure accessories continue to improve the tools’ productivity, saving the user time and money,” a Milwaukee spokesperson said.
Just some of Milwaukee’s most recent accessories launched at the New Product Symposium included the new Hole Dozer™, with updated Th ermoset Coating, along with Rip Guard and Plug Jack, as well as metal cutting accessories. It was also developed specifi cally to last longer and deliver substantial cost savings. “One of our challenges with accessories, is letting users know about products, which is why we have a specifi c Milwaukee job site team who visit sites and educate tradies on the benefi ts of utilising the latest Milwaukee accessories,” the spokesperson said.