Mitre 10 members embrace new brand direction

by | Jul 14, 2022

Mitre 10’s cheeky new ‘the other hardware store’ campaign has not only reminded customers that there is an alternative hardware brand in the market, but has also instigated plenty of conversation within the industry. While everyone is having a giggle over the new campaign, it is also prompting consumers to jump out of auto-pilot and check out their alternate hardware choices. And it seems Mitre 10 members have plenty to report on the campaign already… 

Murphy’s Mitre 10 remains highly involved in the local community, sponsoring sports clubs and the local trader’s group because they believe it is so important to bring the community together.

Good old-fashioned word-of-mouth remains the most effective marketing tool for Murphy’s Mitre 10, based in the small town of Monbulk, Victoria. After the new marketing campaign was released, Laura Murphy said that her and her team personally visited all of the local businesses in-town and posted the team holding ‘the other hardware store’ signage alongside local business owners on social media.

“These online posts showed that our consistent support of the local community is why we are considered ‘the other hardware store’. We also spoke with staff about the new campaign and explained how it played on our strengths of going above and beyond for our customers and making ourselves available to all who visit our store.”

“We also put together a social media video with our staff saying why they are proud to be blue. Everyone wants to see your staff on social media because if they see them online they almost feel like they know the staff already,” Laura said.

Murphy’s Mitre 10 consistently remains highly involved in the local community, sponsoring sports clubs as well as the Monbulk Traders. Laura says it is so important to continually bring the community together.

The new campaign has already created a great response from locals, according to Laura, with customers saying the ads are hilarious through the use of typical Aussie humor that everyone loves.

“It is also great to see Mitre 10 using the ads on Tik Tok. You never know the ads could go viral, so it is brilliant that they are using this channel to promote the group as well,” she said.

Laura Town, TM&H Moe, Vic

The TM&H Moe team are super passionate about supporting locals and being active in their community.

Operating in a town that backs locally owned businesses is certainly a positive for TM&H Moe, based in Victoria.

Laura Town says her team believes it is vitally important to support its local clubs and charities, football, schools on an on-going basis.

“In return for this support our logo is spotted throughout the town. We also give merchandise to the trades so they are on-site with our logo on their hoodies. Our team also wear the hoodies which are used as a form of marketing alongside television, radio and social media,” Laura said.

With a brilliant team in-store, Laura says her staff are super passionate about being part of the Mitre 10 group, “so when you add a campaign like ‘the other hardware store’ it has given us a hop in our step.”

“We do see locals drive past the store to go to our competitor to get a better deal which is hard when our prices are price matched. We do have a point of difference because our staff know our customers by name, they carry the potting mix to their cars, call a taxi for an elderly customer and even drop off a delivery on the way home at no cost. That is the point of difference and why we are the ‘other hardware store’.”

“While IHG really push the Mitre 10 brand for us through all of the catalogues and social media, at a store level we often market our team instead of the product. Our team have become the local stars by putting them on the radio and TV. It just makes it a different way of connecting to the community on a personal level,” Laura said

For now, the new marketing campaign continues to gain a lot of attention, according to Laura, with customers coming in saying they are really proud to shop at ‘the other hardware store’.

Steven Czeiger, Sunlite Mitre 10 Group, NSW

With six convenience stores throughout Sydney, the Sunlite Mitre 10 business is based entirely on its culture and its people.

The Sunlite Mitre 10 group has six convenience offer stores throughout Sydney and owner Steven Czeiger says the group markets its brand as ‘the other hardware store’ by making sure customers have a great experience as soon as they walk into the store.

“Our whole company is based on our culture and our people. If you have people who love their job and know your goal—which is to deliver a local and independent experience—then providing a quality customer experience is the best form of driving the brand locally.”

“Our store lay-outs and high-quality merchandising also ensure our stores stand-out as well as our convenient offer. And this is what ‘the other hardware store’ is. You simply cannot find staff in our competitor’s stores and we are the exact opposite,” Steven said.

With ‘the other hardware store’ merchandise now implemented throughout each of the six stores, Steven pointed out that customers have said the ads stand out, make them laugh, are entertaining and cheeky.

When the campaign moves forward, Steven said he would like the ads to explain who the ‘other’ tribe is a bit more and why Mitre 10 is the ‘other hardware store’. This could be done through the use of family videos that tell the story of some of the store’s heritage and who the people are behind the stores they visit.

John Capaldo, Glynde Mitre 10 Hectorville, South Australia

Glynde Mitre 10’s central location and high staff presence allows the store to stand out from its competitors.

When ‘the other hardware store’ campaign was launched, John Capaldo of Glynde Mitre 10 in Hectorville, South Australia said he asked his staff to come up with some slogans about how the team stand out from competitors.

“They came back with about 40 to 50 lines that distinguish ourselves from our major competitor. We have already had a great response on LinkedIn. There is always the question of how we get our customers to drive past three competitors to come to our small hardware store.”

“Our central location helps our store to stand out and we have wider carparks and more staff on the floor to ensure better personal service than our competitors. We also offer more quality Australian Made products and a friendlier personable approach because we ask our staff to try to remember the customer’s name, it is more of a care factor we have with our customers than anyone else,” John said.

John said he would like to see more versions of the television ads, including some ‘part two’ stories using the same characters so customers can engage in these characters moving forward. 

The thinking behind the campaign

Mitre 10 new marketing

Research showed that many Australians are on autopilot where they shop for their DIY needs, and while Mitre 10 is known for its service and quality of range amongst existing customers, it is not often considered in the heat of the moment.

IHG’s General Manager of Marketing, Karen Fahey said the marketing team wanted more consumers to know that there is a great hardware experience to be had right on their doorstep. 

“With over 350 stores in cities and towns around Australia, plus a comprehensive online store, we can give them solutions to their home improvement challenges on their first trip. The new campaign is a cheeky reminder that there is an ‘other’ choice for hardware in Australia, while also telling the Mitre 10 story of service, expertise and the unique connection our stores have to their community,” Ms Fahey said.

Mitre 10 new marketing

“This brand campaign is here for the long-term and will evolve over time in terms of how we speak to consumer about what ‘the other’ experience means. Builders and the trade understand the value that Mitre 10 brings to their daily lives – expertise that we have built up over generations can save them time and money,” she said.

“We saw an opportunity to engage with those less familiar with our brand. To stop them in their tracks and let them know what is so special about the ‘other’ store. It is disruptive, fun and memorable. We don’t take ourselves seriously but we take our customers very seriously and we take immense pride in the particular care and attention we give them.”

“We are different, and proud of it. This is an open invite to all of Australia to experience hardware another way – in store or online. Because the grass isn’t just greener on the other side…it’s blue!” Ms Fahey said.