New cutting edge line lasers

New cutting edge line lasers

Designed with superior visibility for fast aligning and levelling work, aLine has recently released a new range of precise, durable and dependable line lasers.
Created specifically to accelerate aligning and levelling jobs, by providing the everyday tradesman with clear and crisp reference lines, the new range boasts a number of features tradies can depend on at an affordable price.
Released onto the market in the last few months, the aLine lasers utilise a 360 degree rotating base, with the ML5 series, and feature the additional benefit of a fine motion adjustment for further precision and versatility.

Innovative accuracy
The entire range of aLine lasers are self-levelling and feature an innovative magnetically-dampened pendulum system for extreme accuracy. The laser can also automatically detect when the inclination of the supporting surface is too great for the self-levelling mechanism. When this happens, the tilt-warning feature is activated on the laser and automatically saves the user from error. When the pendulum lock is engaged, the self-levelling mechanism is also protected for transportation.

The affordable CL2 Red Beam and CML5Red_SingleL2G Green Beam crossline lasers are also designed with wide fan beam angles, which project super-bright horizontal and vertical lines with an accuracy of +/ 2.0 mm at 10 m. The lasers are additionally designed with a visible working range of 15 metres and are supplied complete with a range of clever accessories to accentuate the laser’s features. Accessories include optional tripods, which are conveniently supplied in compact and durable carry cases.
The more advanced ML5 and ML5G multi-line lasers boast a total of four vertical lines, one horizontal line, as well as a down dot, to check plumbing.

Crisp green lasers
Both the aLine CL2G crossline and ML5G multi-line lasers are available in super-bright green beams and both tools use the latest green laser diode technology to project crisper laser lines, which are up to 400 per cent more visible than traditional red beams.
When utilising the highly versatile LRG Laser Receiver, users can detect the green beam at distances of up to 30 metres, depending on light conditions. The CL2G crossline and ML5G multi-line lasers are also ‘green’ in battery use with low energy consumption, allowing the tools to operate for up to 16 hours on a single laser line.
All aLine measurement tools are backed by a two year warranty and nation-wide service and support. Starting from $220 (RRP), these lasers will satisfy an array of layout and alignment tasks with precision and accuracy your customers can rely on.

About aLine
The aLine range of measuring products have been designed and developed utilising Position Partners’ 35 years of industry experience. aLine laser products employ the most advanced and innovative laser levelling technology, combined with robust casing, to ensure consistent reliability and accuracy.
The comprehensive range of measuring products includes line lasers, receivers, tripods, staves, measuring wheels and tapes. aLine is focused on providing the professional tradesman with dependable products to complete an array of layout tasks, with extremely bright, crisp reference lines to deliver the most accurate layout in all conditions.
With an extensive network of service centres located all across Australia, aLine’s customers are thoroughly supported with a team of trained technicians providing on-going service, calibration and warranty repair.

For more information on aLine’s range please call 1300 96 LASER or visit