Pest-Stop enters the Australian market

Pest-Stop enters the Australian market

Pest-Stop, the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality domestic pest control products for the retail market, is now available in Australia through Easy Pest Supplies.

PSPMMT_webThe Pest-Stop brand offers a comprehensive range of market-leading products, from the Little Nipper® mouse traps, one of the longest standing pest control brand names, to contemporary products designed with the domestic user in mind. Pest-Stop is serious about pest control and offers a comprehensive range of specially designed products to successfully prevent, deter and remove garden and household pests.

Conventional traps
Pest-Stop’s conventional traps are more of a traditional method to eradicate rodent pests from the home, and are designed to catch and humanely kill mice and rats instantly. With a comprehensive range, Pest-Stop traps are tried and tested for quality and ease of use; whether users prefer wooden, plastic, metal, pre-baited or boxed, Pest-Stop has it covered.

Little Nipper: Often imitated, never bettered
2017 marks the 120 year anniversary of the Little Nipper, which was invented in 1897, making this humble wooden trap one of the oldest surviving and most recognisable pieces of pest control technology.
The Little Nipper still holds its own against modern traps and remains the standard bearer for quick and effective trapping, meaning it remains largely unchanged since it was invented.
The trap has a vivid and rich history, which is why it remains the most beloved mouse trap in the United Kingdom, selling in the tens of millions over the decades. From its humble beginnings in Leeds, it has become the must-stock powerhouse of rodent control today.
The Little Nipper is still made at Pest-Stop’s head office in the UK – it is sawed and stamped by machine, and completed by hand in the Pest-Stop warehouse in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, maintaining the ‘handmade in the UK’ quality which is so synonymous with the brand.

PSSPT_webHumane traps
Humane traps are also ideal for end users who prefer to catch and release rodents rather than kill them. As such, Pest-Stop traps have been carefully designed in order to prevent unnecessary stress to the animals. A humane trap must be checked at least twice a day, and following the capture of a live rodent, they should be disposed of appropriately or released into the wild. If you are unsure how to deal with a captured pest, contact the RSPCA or your local vet.

Cage traps
Whether it is for rabbits or foxes to rats and mice, Pest-Stop has a cage for it. As a fantastic, traditional way of capturing pests around the home, Pest-Stop cages are popular due to its simple design, lightweight construction and efficient operation.

Garden pest control
Pest-Stop has a growing range of high quality solutions to deal with all manner of pests, including cats, slugs, possums and birds. With many of its products developed to high standards, Pest-Stop has the knowledge to keep gardens safe, secure and pest free!

General2_webInsect pest control
Pest-Stop has a great selection of insect products that can support a range of household pest problems; these are all accompanied with instructions that provide direction and support.

Display stands
Pest-Stop understands that space is at a premium within hardware stores, which is why Pest-Stop has created robust and reusable free-standing display units to suit floorplans. The bright red Pest-Stop display units will draw attention in any store, saving space while increasing profit potential. Pest-Stop products can be sourced from the Australian distributor – Easy Pest Supplies.
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