Petface innovates pet and wild bird categories

Petface innovates pet and wild bird categories

Since it was established in Australia in July 2013 by Allan and Matthew Fabry, Petface has grown rapidly, with over 2500 Petface branded products servicing small independents up to multinational retailers.

Petface also has around 80 products available directly from the Independent Hardware Group (IHG) warehouse in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia, as well as charge back arrangements within the group. Its products include collars, leads, bedding, treats, toys and many other items – and is low risk inventory with the ability to purchase small quantities directly from the IHG warehouse.

Petface recently reported that that 63 per cent of Australian households have a pet; that’s 63% per cent of your customers, spending over $800 million on pet accessories alone, which is why Petface brings to market, new innovative products for the pet and wild bird categories. With its research and development team based in the United Kingdom constantly developing new products and its quality control team based out of offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai, Petface continually strives to assure excellent quality for its customers.

While a significant range of Petface products are produced in China, the company also brings specialised products from Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom.

Independent hardware stores, pet stores and garden centres continue to see market growth in pet products, according to Petface, particularly in design led and competitively priced products, such as poop bag dispensers, dog and cat collars, leads, retractable leads, coats, toys, grooming products and bedding to name a few.

From a practical point of view, most independents might want to have 40-50 items ranged, and these can be sourced directly from the Independent Hardware Group. If a store requires a more diverse range, then items can be obtained directly from Petface and charged back through your group.

LokTop feeder
Petface developed the award winning wild bird feeder, known as a ‘LokTop’ wild bird feeder. Since its launch it has won the Australian Pet Industry Association Best New Product 2015 and Glee (UK) awards 2015 winner Best Pet and Wildlife Product.

The LokTop feeders have a unique patented system that locks the lid closed. This ensures that the feed stays drier and fresher by keeping the elements out. It also deters ‘unwanted visitors’ from opening and stealing the feed and, should the feeder become dislodged and fall to the ground, the lid will stay closed. The LokTop system locks the lid closed when the wire hanger is rotated to the upright position or is folded to the front of the feeder. When the hanger is folded to the back the lid can easily be pushed open for filling.

The all important aspect of feeder hygiene is taken care of with a no fuss, tool free assembly. The feeder is held together using a single steel central pin. Once this is unscrewed all the main components can be separated for cleaning.

Other key benefits include:
• Large capacity feed tubes, means fewer visits to keep the feeder topped up
• Pole mounting socket at base
• Available in two and four sizes.

“We have built our business around Petface and other secondary brands, including partnerships with companies such as Byotrol and Kumfi, while developing products within ranges. These include: Petface, Little Petface, The dog deli, Seriously strong, Outdoor paws, Catkins, Kumfi, Pipkins, Toyz, Woodies, Precious Paws, Farmyard Buddies, Petface Signature, Doggy Dinos, Bees & Bugs, Beds & Bedding,” a Petface spokesperson said recently.

“Our team based in Blackburn Victoria, headed by Matthew Fabry – Sales Director is very knowledgeable and will be able to advise you on the range of Petface Products that suits your specific retail market,” the spokesperson said.

For more information call Matthew to discuss the possibilities of Petface products in your store. Phone: 03 9894 4200 Email: Web: