10.8 volt cordless angle grinder

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The angle grinder is compact, lightweight, weighing just 900 grams, is 202mm length and 105mm high. Its compact size ensures the tool is very easy-to-use, providing perfect handling in hard-to-reach areas.

The Angle Grinder’s high-performance and reliability makes it ideal for cutting through cable ducts, threaded rods, parquet flooring, pipes, hollow profiles, tiles, grouts and perforated bricks.

Unlike conventional angle grinders, the 76mm cutting disc of the GWS 10.8-76 V-EC Professional, which has maximum cutting depth of 16mm, is attached vertically, rather than horizontally. This advantage allows the tool to be guided with ease and control. The cutting disc may also be easily changed thanks to the tool’s convenient spindle lock system, while the protective guard can be conveniently rotated and changed, tool-free.

The powerful, EC brushless motor delivers high-performance for faster cutting, enabling users to be more productive while the EC brushless motor does not require any maintenance, ensuring a long tool lifetime.

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