Mr Fothergill’s home grown veggies and berries

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Produce season heats up as weather cools down

Autumn and winter is the perfect time to plant produce bulbs and canes, for a bountiful harvest of home grown veggies and berries next summer.

It is for this reason that Mr Fothergill’s has just released garlic for this produce season, which will soon be followed by potatoes and shallots in April. The rest of the produce range will become available from June, and they can be planted throughout winter and into early spring.

According to Mr Fothergill’s Managing Director Aaron Whitehouse, there has been a steady increase in popularity of bulbs and canes.

“Growing produce is increasing in popularity as people are looking for fresh and healthy foods to feed their family. Australians are increasingly interested in what goes into their foods, and by growing their own they are in control of what they eat. Produce bulbs and canes provide an almost fool proof way of starting a veggie garden too, so they are easy for gardeners of all experience levels,” Mr Whitehouse said.

What’s more, many bulbs and berry shrubs produce crops for several years, so planting them once can lead to a lasting supply of fresh vegetables and berries.

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