Ampfibian Adapters

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Ampfibian have come out with a range of 15A to 10A adapters with RCD & overload protection. Connect any 15A device to a standard 10A powerpoint safely and legally.

The range includes the:

  • RV02-MAX – Rugged weather-proof design for outdoor, travel and commercial use. Safely connect your 15A device e.g. caravan, compressor or welder to any domestic 10A outlet
  • The Ampfibian MINI – Certified to comply with Australian electrical standards, allowing safe and legal connection between 10A and 15A. The Ampfibian MINI achieves this by cutting the current if it exceeds 10A / 2400W.

The MINI is intended for light-duty DIY, indoor/undercover use. For commercial/outdoor/industrial use, we recommend the RV02-MAX


Ampfibian Pty Ltd is an Australian company headquartered in northern NSW. Based on the insight that safety and convenience go hand-in-hand, it designs and manufactures personal power and safety adapters. The company is committed to improving electrical safety for people and businesses.

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