Berry United Range

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  • The range includes: Pineberry (Fragaria x Ananassa Pineberry), a red seeded, white strawberry with a yummy pineapple tang. Pineberry strawberry is a hybrid-cross variety with fragrant, white flesh fruits, red seeds and white blooms.
  • Strasberry (Fragaria x Ananassa Mieze Schindler), a juicy, plump strawberry with a sweet raspberry flavour and is perfect for all strawberry lovers.
  • Bubbleberry (Fragaria moschate), a little pink strawberry with a bubble-gum/mixed berry after taste. This pretty little berry is amazing to cook with jams, sauces, cakes and ice-cream.

The 120mm printed pots and assorted hanging baskets are planned to be available in Australian garden centres in June/July ready for a prime strawberry season. The amounts are limited as this range has been grown from vegetative stock (runners) with all orders to go through United Nurseries in each state. United Nurseries also recently conducted a pre-launch at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show held in March.

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