Bosch Blue Xtreme Bulldog Bits

Ultimate precision – toughest working conditions

Bosch Blue has introduced Xtreme Bulldog Bits, an innovative new range of full tungsten carbide SDS plus drill bits.

Bosch is the only producer to develop a proprietary diffusion-bonding technology and high-heat, high-pressure sold state welding process to manufacture its own tungsten carbide metal. This ensures the Xtreme bits are made of the most superior steel-carbide combination.

The unique, sharp four-cutter head is optimised for heavy-duty rotary hammers, providing less carbide wear than two cutters and resistance in reinforced concrete.

Bosch has also employed unique IDS welding technology to create a homogenous welded zone between the flute and the drill bit head ensuring highest temperature resistance and longest lifetime.

Bosch Xtreme Bulldog Bits also have a sharp 90° centring tip, creating a deep and stable centring, for a clean and accurate start. The visible wear mark on the bit helps create a consistent hole diameter, making it perfect for anchor setting.

The Xtreme bits also feature large dust removal channels and 4-flute design to ensure fast dust removal and highest drilling speed resulting in less wear over time.

Bosch Blue
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