Bosch Professional Mobility System

The Bosch Professional Mobility System offers trade professionals intelligent and comprehensive solutions for transport and storage of tools and accessories.

Providing a unique link between the workshop, job site and transportation, the Bosch Professional Mobility System helps to improve efficiency and productivity on the job. The system is highly compatible, flexible and customisable and ideal for numerous applications. Compatible with the Sortimo in-vehicle equipment system, tradies can quickly and safely load, unload and transport all of their equipment into their vehicle, making it easier and quicker to safely move from job to job.

Consisting of four core product categories, which are all compatible with one another, the flexible Bosch Professional Mobility System includes: Click & Go elements, individual storage solutions, tool-specific inlays and transportation support.

The Mobility System’s L-BOXX foam and thermoformed tool inlays are the bodyguards for any Bosch Blue power tools and accessories, holding them safely in place within the L-BOXX. The thermoformed inlays come in a variety of sizes, including: a whole inlay for corded and cordless Bosch Blue Tools, a half inlays for 10.8V tool combinations, and an L-shaped inlay for 18V tool combinations.

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