Bremick Shackles

With state regulations implementing even more enforcements in regards to safe towing, demand for load rated ‘shackles’ is on the increase.
To meet consumer demand and requirements, Bremick has just launched a full range of ‘D’ and ‘Bow’ Load Rated Shackles in bulk, to complement its prepack range. Bremick Load Rated ‘Shackles’ comply to Australian Standard (2741-2002) and are clearly marked with a working load limit, superior grade type, as well as Bremick identification and batch number. The Department of Transport recommend the use of ‘D’ and ‘Bow’ Shackles that comply with AS 2741-2002 with appropriate markings. This will ensure shackles used to connect a trailer safety chain(s) to the towing vehicle, have the strength that is compatible with the safety chain (fit for purpose).
When selecting a complying load rated shackle, check out the markings on the shackle as the yellow pin may not always be a sign of compliance. With Bremick Load Rated Shackles, either sold in prepacks or in bulk, customers are assured to stock shackles that comply with Australian standards and regulations.

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