Bremick’s Bend it Bracket

The all new Bend it Bracket can be cut, bent and fastened to any indoor or outdoor material, to keep all types of objects safely in place. The light duty, galvanised, flexible bracket, also comes in a number of shapes to accommodate any angle or situation.

The range is set to drive sales and increase margins by utilising minimum space on shelf, with a 1 x 120 millimetre long shelf able to carry over 50 items.

All items come in either one millimetre or two millimetre thickness to suit all needs and applications. The shape of the bracket and the unique cross design also help bend the material, without losing its structural strength.

Bend it Brackets offers the perfect solution for all light duty reinforcement requirements. The range comes with a modern and modular display unit design that has the flexibility to either fill part of the range or the entire range.

When looking for the most versatile bracket on the market, Bend it Bracket is the smart choice for retailers and their customers.

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