BrilliantSmart Nexus Gateway

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New BrilliantSmart Nexus Gateway sees connectivity made easy

Brilliant has made home automation complete, with the recent launch of its new BrilliantSmart Nexus Gateway.

Powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Nexus Gateway allows users to wirelessly control the BrilliantSmart Nexus Gateway from anywhere in the world using a smart phone. 

Affordable home automation

Brilliant Lighting is now making affordable home automation a reality for Australians, with the Nexus Gateway the fastest and most advanced IoT Gateway available, according to the company.  

Its open architecture makes it compatible with a wide range of devices across different brands and ecosystems, as well as older, current and upcoming technologies (including smart speakers, lights, blinds, motion sensors, and more). It has been noted that 1500+ brands and 200,000 devices (and growing) can now be connected. Well-crafted with a compact and contemporary design, the BrilliantSmart Nexus Gateway is easy to install and use and may also be customised to suit the user’s unique preferences.  

Wireless system

Being a wireless system, it may also be easily retro-fitted in existing homes and rental properties – users do not need to make additional investments to upgrade their home or devices to be Nexus-ready. Beyond just controlling smart devices via a mobile app, BrilliantSmart Nexus Gateway can also provide detailed insights into energy usage and wastage patterns in the home or office, allowing users to save money off their energy bills. 

The Nexus takes home automation to the next level by giving users voice control of their home, as it is compatible with smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, with more to come in the future.  

The Brilliant Lighting team is thrilled that Australia is leading into the next phase of home automation with the launch of the Nexus Gateway, Brilliant Managing Director, Norman Levin said recently.

“In a Nexus Gateway Smart Home or Office, automation goes far beyond turning things on and off. The Gateway is an intelligent partner that helps users gain insights into your home, slash power bills, manage comfort, take charge of home security and even chat with the home through voice-guided automation in real time,” Mr Levin said.  

The highlight is that the Nexus Gateway is compatible with most existing devices in the home, so users do not need to invest in further extensive upgrades to turn their home into a connected, modern space.

Established in Australia over 30 years ago, Brilliant has become one of the nation’s largest and most respected names in the lighting industry, providing traditional and smart lighting, appliances and security products via retail and trade sectors across Australia.

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