Bynorm Oil Service Change Kit

Oil Service Change Kit

RGS has recently released its new Bynorm Oil Service Change Kit, designed to add value to your existing Bynorm range.

When a customer visits a store to purchase Bynorm Four Stroke Oil to service their lawn mower, they can now also purchase the new oil service kit to perform the oil change. (It may also remind your customers to replace their spark plug, air filter and blades at the same time.) The contents of the kit makes oil changes a breeze as it is ideal for all garden products that feature a four-stroke petrol engine. 

The kit also contains a pump and tube which are used to extract the used oil from the engine. Users simply pump the used oil into the supplied container where it can be safely disposed of, and then use the supplied funnel to refill fresh Bynorm oil to the engine, making a messy job easy.

The kit consists of an oil extraction pump and tube, oil container and funnel, in an eye catching and informative Bynorm blue box. The top of the box displays the contents, while a step-by-step instruction guide is displayed on the side.


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