Bynorm Rapid Feed Brushcutter Head

RGS (Roy Gripske & Sons) have released its Bynorm Rapid Feed Brushcutter Head onto the market.

The new Rapid Feed Brushcutter Head is a multi-fit right and left hand unit designed to fit bent, and straight, shaft brushcutters up to 27cc, as well as a larger left hand unit to fit straight shaft petrol powered brushcutters above 27cc. The head fits most petrol powered brushcutters on the market and is fast to load too; just 30 seconds is all it takes.

There is no removing the head to replace the line. Users simply line up the eyelets and thread the line through. Rapid Feed is a bump feed with a rugged semi-matic head for medium to heavy-duty applications. Rapid Feed Brushcutter Heads also come in hang sell packaging with easy-to-read fitting and loading instructions.

Take the complexity out of selling brushcutter heads in your store by stocking Bynorm Rapid Feed.

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