Co Gear – hi vis maternity wear

A redesign of women’s hi vis maternity wear between industry stalwarts BHP, Blackwoods and Co Gear has redefined industry standards at a time when industrial and trade businesses across Australia endeavour to increase women working in industrial and trade roles.

Co Gear Founder and Director, Kym O’Leary, said high visibility workwear that is compliant, durable and correctly fitted is already limited for women, and for expecting mothers the choices are even fewer.

Industries have addressed inclusion and diversity initiatives in workplaces for some time, but the needle has been slow to move, which is why Co Gear has developed a new range of hi vis maternity wear, Ms O’Leary said.

“Considerable research and development was invested in testing the designs to ensure the new maternity workwear stood up to challenges on site,” she said.

Co Gear is now leading the charge for women’s industrial workwear, with its new high quality workwear designed for comfort and practicality for women working across different industrial and trade sectors.

Co Gear
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