Coast torches deliver on power and portability

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Coast torches deliver on power and portability

Compact area work light does it all
Coast’s compact PM500R work light boasts many features including a magnetic base that can affix firmly to any metal surface and a light that rotates 180 degrees. The dome-shaped area light has a twist focus to switch between a focused spot beam or flood light to illuminate broad or narrow areas. Users can also easily shift from a low beam to high beam with a simple toggle of the power button.

The PM500R is also rechargeable, featuring both a lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack and three AA alkaline batteries. The battery pack may be charged inside or outside of the light, assuring that users are never out of power. The light will also run continuously on AC or DC power using the included power cord.

With a 700-lumen light output, the PM500R has plenty of power to light up a workspace, and is great to keep in the car for emergencies, or even in the garage for everyday purposes.
Offering an IPX4 weatherproof rating, the compact light is ready to be used in all weather conditions.

Ready-to-go hand held SX300R

The SX300R is Coast’s first rechargeable flashlight featuring C.O.B. (two chip-on-board). Users simply slide back the body of the flashlight to access the two C.O.B. stretch light and once activated, users can toggle through three C.O.B. light modes: white, solid red and flashing red.

By twisting the head of the flashlight, the SX300R focuses from a flood beam to a pure spot beam with a range of 229 metres. To maximise runtime, the flashlight toggles between low, medium and high modes with a brightness range of 95 to 850 lumens. The C.O.B. area light and the flashlight can be used at the same time for ultimate versatility.

The flashlight features a strong magnetic tail-cap to affix the light to metal surfaces for hands-free use. With a weatherproof rating of IPX4, the SX300R is ready to be used in a variety of weather conditions. The flashlight was also tested and rated to ANSI and FL1 standards, ensuring long life durability.

The SX300R comes with a lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack and four AAA alkaline batteries. Users can charge the battery pack via USB when not in use both inside and outside the light. Boasting a lifetime warranty, the SX300R is also guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

Versatile clip-on C.O.B. light
Coast has also released a compact light that combines both a clip and magnet for use in a variety of situations. Users may utilise the clip function by attaching the HX3 on shirt pockets, bags, hats, etc., while the heavy-duty, spring-loaded clip may be used for hands-free operation. The integrated magnets also allow users to place the light on any magnetic surface.

To optimise visibility and function, the light beam of the HX3 rotates 180 degrees in two different modes: white and UV. The dual-color feature allows users to operate the clip light in a variety of environments with a white light for everyday needs, a UV light to fluoresce scorpions or identify security features on currency or identification cards.

The compact light boasts a beam distance of 12.8 metres and features a large, textured power button to quickly turn on and off, and toggle through the dual-light feature with ease. The clip light weighs only 1.83 ounces.

The HX3 has a running time of three hours and 45 minutes and is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries. Tested and rated at IPX4, as well as to ANSI and FL1 standards, the clip light was built to withstand weather and impact and is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty.

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