Cowdroy’s Barn Door Track System

Customer friendly focus leads updates for Cowdrey

In a push to improve its customer experience, leading Australian hardware manufacturer, Cowdroy, recently unveiled a number of new product changes that aim to make buying and installing home improvements easier than ever before.

Cowdroy’s new Barn Door Track System is designed for ultimate customisation and ease of handling, now featuring a convenient alternative to its hugely popular Exposed 90 door track system.

Unlike the two metre-long Exposed 90 track, the new Barn Door Track System features an outstanding jigsaw-like join in the track, which allows the product to be packaged in a compact 1.1-metre box, for incredible ease of both handling and installation.

The simple fitting system requires a single wall fixing screw that goes through the hole in the centre of the jigsaw join and draws the two pieces of the track together for complete stability.

The standard kit produces a two-metre track, while the new matching extension pack allows a maximum length of 3.2 metre, ensuring wider doors are also easily catered for.

The new product is the perfect alternative for the DIY market, according to Cowdroy National Business Manager, Peter Doyle.

“This new type of door track is aimed at being easy to put together, easy to transport and easy to purchase off the shelf. You can pick up the pack off the shelf, as it is in a 1.2-metre box as opposed to a standard two-metre length, place it in the car, go home and it goes together like a jigsaw. The beauty of this is that the extension kit contains more track jigsaw pieces to make the track longer,” Mr Doyle said.

“If you are in a hardware store and you want to purchase a barn door track, they are usually very tall and very heavy. Unless you are a tradie with a Ute, it is a safety risk in both handling and transporting it home. With the Cowdroy new version this issue is now solved with the easy to handle pack size and extension kit,” he said.

The pack contains robust hangers and large rollers for smooth and effortless rolling, while the durable powder coat finish is both smart and hardwearing. All fixing hardware for timber applications is included, as well as step-by-step installation instructions.

New packaging system
Coinciding with the release of the new Barn Door Track product, Cowdroy has also released new packaging and an extended range for its wheels and rollers replacement parts.

Breaking each product range down into subsections with new colour coding, Cowdroy’s new system will ensure it is easier for customers to find matching parts.

“We have rebranded, modernised and repackaged our track replacement parts. What we have also done, to make it easier for our customers to identify what they are looking for, is we have broken each segment into sub-segments. It is all now categorised by type and colour code; for example, rollers, window, general purpose, door, etc. It is all colour coded accordingly,” Mr Doyle said.

“If someone picks up a red pack now, they know they have got a part for a window, whereas before all product looked the same making the buying decision difficult and time consuming. The other thing we have achieved with the colour code system is that the packaging for replacement parts for Cowdroy track sets is matched by the same colour code on the track set packaging itself.”

“For example, our robe-makers, which are for wardrobes, has a red wardrobe door featured on the pack when you buy the track set. When you want to buy replacement parts, you look for the corresponding colour insert on pack. It is about keeping things modern, bright and sub-segmented to make it easier for customers to identify what they are looking for. Instead of looking through hundreds of products, they will be looking through a much smaller number with the colour coding system,” he said.

Leading the way in the hardware manufacturing industry, Cowdroy’s new product changes are sure to make big waves in the Australian DIY market.