Cowdroy Weather Seals

Cowdroy’s complete range of weatherseals and gap fillers can be fitted to jambs, faces or edges of most windows and doors. These easy to install products come complete with self adhesive backing tape and are the perfect option for any household wishing to seal their home from draughts and dust.


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H.M. Cowdroy Pty Ltd is a history making company that was first formed in 1890 as an advertising agency. Since that time H.M. Cowdroy has created history a number of times by producing many FIRSTS in several fields of endeavour. These include, the first illustrated advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald and the WORLD’S FIRST sliding glass aluminium track, the latter being an invention that changed the direction of the company and put it on the fast track to leadership in the Australian Hardware Industry. Both of these firsts continue to play an extremely large part in today’s life.