CRC Fogger Sanitiser

CRC Industries recently launched a new sanitiser product to help the fight against COVID-19. The new CRC Fogger Sanitiser is an Australian made, industrial strength sanitiser that kills 99.9 per cent of germs and provides long lasting, residual protection. 

Once discharged, the CRC Fogger Sanitiser generates a sanitising fog that kills germs in spaces up to 40 cubic metres.

CRC Industries Trans-Tasman Managing Director, Murray Walbran, said the product was specifically developed to sanitise an entire room or commercial vehicle, including walls, ceiling and floor in just one easy step.

“Users simply activate then leave the enclosed space and the product will start working, getting into all the hard to reach spots and killing germs that conventional cleaning techniques miss,” Mr Walbran said. 

Applications include rapid decontamination of automotive workshops and commercial vehicles as well as retail outlets, offices and tool sheds.

Available in a 210-millilitre atomiser, CRC Fogger Sanitiser joins the CRC Sanitiser family which includes CRC Surface Sanitiser and Cleaner, CRC Surface Sanitiser Aerosol, CRC Surface Fragrance Free and the CRC Sanitiser Liquid Range.

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