Crescent Lufkin Fluorolok Tape Measure

Proudly Australian made, the Crescent Lufkin Fluorolok Tape Measure is designed to be seen no matter the backdrop. Whether it is a packed toolbox, busy workshop or cluttered site, with Fluorolok, users never have to rummage around for their measuring tape again.

Boasting a bright ‘hi vis’ coloured casing, available in green, yellow and orange, the Fluorolok features a 90° case for high-functionality and taking measurements against a wall or stud frame without bending the tape line.

Providing industry leading blade-locking capabilities, the over-centre lock shoe pairs confidently with the sure-toggle lock button to prevent blade slippage and promote functionality.
The tape measure comes in five metres, eight metres and 10 metre models with metric graduations on both edges, as well as a 10m/33’ model; graduated in metric on one edge and imperial on the other to ensure users have the right tape measure, no matter the job.

With a removable belt clip for increased handling, extended tape mouth and long life graduations on the blade, the Crescent Lufkin Fluorolok Tape Measure is the perfect tape for all tradies.

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