Crescent® nail pulling pliers

Crescent® has used over a hundred years’ experience to design and develop the future of nail extraction. The new Crescent® Code Red™ Nail Pulling Pliers is one of the best hand tools in the business, designed with speed, strength and function to ensure it is a stand out tool.

With the curved foot of the Nail Pulling Pliers and quick grip parallel jaws preventing slippage, users may apply maximum force simply by leveraging weight into the curved foot. The racing red, ergonomically designed, comfortable grip also allows for a one hand operation, so work may be completed quickly and easily.

The Code Red™ Nail Pulling Pliers are also designed to pull: finishing nails, floor staples, wire and coaxial staples, headed nails and brads.

No matter the degraded state of the nail head, how stubbornly fixed it is or where the staple or fastener is located; the Crescent® Nail Pulling Pliers will work every time and with less damage and marring than traditional nail pulling pliers.

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