CSR Gyprock One Finish

Australia’s leading plasterboard manufacturer, CSR Gyprock has launched One Finish, a pre-mixed acrylic compound for uniform surfacing on plasterboard walls and ceilings, subject to critical lighting conditions.

One Finish’s superior composition assists in more efficiently achieving the highest criteria of a Level 5 finish with easy application, according to CSR.

This uniquely formulated surfacer hides imperfections by concealing variances in texture, porosity and sheen between paper and compound. As a drying product, it is ideal for skim coating with the ability to fill flaws while smoothing irregularities. Its paint-like consistency leaves walls and ceilings with a premium white finish and flawless appearance.

One Finish is exceptional in its ability to help reach the regulated Level 5 standard, and will improve a Level 4 finish if remedial work is required.

One Finish comes ready for roller usage. Unlike conventional applications using all-purpose compounds, the One Finish formula saves time and labour by eliminating the need for hand trowel treatments and sanding.

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