CSR Gyprock Pro-Repair 10

CSR Gyprock added Pro-Repair 10 to its range: a lightweight plaster-based compound ideal for small-scale maintenance and repairs, and all-purpose solution to its nation-wide range of high-quality compounds.

Named Pro-Repair 10 due to its 10-minute working time, the compound is suited to small-scale jointing jobs, patching holes and defects in Gyprock plasterboard and Cemintel fibre cement. It is also tinted for easy identification on painted surfaces.

Pro-Repair 10 is a setting compound with a working life of approximately ten minutes after mixing. This makes it ideal for repairing holes, nicks and cracks in new and existing plasterboard and fibre cement walls and ceilings. It also provides excellent coverage, with eight kilograms of Pro-Repair 10 providing approximately the same coverage as 10 kilograms of standard weight compound.

The multi-purpose nature of Pro-Repair 10 means that it may be used for all coats, as a base and topping coat, or as a base only. It also provides excellent tape adhesion when used as a base and second coat, and is easy to sand as a top coat.

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