Davco Easy Grout

There is no doubt with Easy Grout

Davco recently launched Easy Grout, a premium, pre-mixed, floor tile grout suitable for interior tiling applications.

Davco Easy Grout is a ready to use, advanced performance grout, designed as a breakthrough for tilers and DIYers who want to work smarter, not harder. Thanks to its innovative formulation, Easy Grout is ready to go the minute users open the pail, so there is no need for messy mixing and excess grout. Easy Grout is also reusable, so users can enjoy zero waste, smooth application and fast clean up.

Easy Grout is also resistant to stains, mould and bacteria and no efflorescence is guaranteed. Bringing a premium look to porcelain, ceramic, mosaic and reconstituted stone tiles with perfect, bright white colour consistency every time, Easy Grout also does not require sealing… ever.

Suitable for grout joints one to five millimetres wide, Easy Grout may be used for interior residential or commercial, wall or floor applications, while providing a superior performance.

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