Daytek Wheelbarrows

Daytek Australia’s award winning wheelbarrows

Daytek Australia manufactures award-winning wheelbarrows for both industrial and home use, from its manufacturing plant in Preston, Victoria. Its wide range of steel wheelbarrows are well known in the industry for their one-piece, deep-drawn, galavanised steel for corrosion protection. Today the extensive range of Daytek products include:

Homebuilder 70 litre – The Homebuilder is designed for those who require a reliable and sturdy wheelbarrow for renovating and general jobs around the home. The bowl is made from tough, corrosion resistant, galvanised steel, so it will usually outlast similar sized plastic or painted steel tray barrows. 

Homegardener 48 litre – The Homegardener is the perfect wheelbarrow for carrying any gardening material around the home or for handyman use. The bowl is also made from tough, corrosion resistant galvanised steel. 

Tradesman 100 litre – The Tradesman, with galvanised bowl is the ideal barrow for those who want to use a tough barrow that will last the distance. Perfectly suited for asphalters, concreters and bricklayers, this Australian made wheelbarrow is built to last. 

Homehandy 70 litre –  The Homehandy is an everyday helper around the house. Featuring a distinctive two-wheel design, the Homehandy is ideally suited for users who may have reduced mobility and balance. 

Contractor 100 litre – The Contractor is designed complete with a galvanised bowl and is the ideal barrow for those who want their barrows made tough. Perfectly suited for asphalters, concreters and bricklayers, it features double diagonal rear cross support for added
strength and stability, as well as a wide pneumatic tyre for improved maneuverability while moving over soft ground.

Daytek Australia is proud of its award-winning philosophy that is designed into every product and ensures durability and ease-of-use, while satisfying individual’s needs for styles and colours. When producing its award-winning products, Daytek understands that not every home is the same, which is why its wide range of products suit all requirements from apartment living, to town houses, traditional Australian back yards or major commercial projects. Innovative and functional, Daytek Australia’s range is always a pleasure to use.

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