DECK-aid Spacers

Tradesmen and DIY deck builders can now build their decks in half the time and double the quality with new DECK-aid Spacers, which provide precision spacing whilst also reducing the laying time of decking boards. Designed with a unique moulded knob for easy removal, DECK-aid Spacers are available in 100, 50 and 20 piece packs with 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm sizes available. When constructing decks, boards can become out of parallel to where the tradie or DIYer want to finish. This may be due to variations in the timber or the finish wall (line) not remaining parallel and has to be rectified by opening up or closing the gaps, whilst keeping a straight line. With DECK-aids, this is easily resolved by using a combination of Spacers and by using the alternate size Spacers, it is now effortless to retrieve a deck back to parallel.
DECK-aid Spacers are re-usable and are the perfect add on to compliment your timber ranges and may be marketed as an asset not only to every tradesman’s tool kit, but also to the home handy man. Deck aids Spacers are easy to use and will help give your customer the finish they are looking for. These Spacers save time and money, maintain a professional finish and are a
must for all deck projects.

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