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‘DEROS IN-CASE’ solution-offers users more for less

Great value for money solution, the Mirka DEROS sander now comes in a handy Deros-IN-CASE solution.

The sturdy plastic Deros-IN-CASE features two backing pads, including a 125-millimetre pad and 150-millimetre pad, as well as two pad savers and two packs of Abranet abrasives. 

The 150-millimetre backing pad is fitted as standard, but now users have the flexibility to change to the 125-millimetre pad so they can complete a larger variety of jobs without having to buy another sanding tool. 

The Mirka case is a sturdy storage solution protecting the life time of the tool. All Mirka cases can stack together and attach to the top of the Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 models to allow for easy manoeuvrability. 

The value for money kit also allows the customer to buy all these items for at least 20 per cent less than buying each of the products separately.  

The Mirka DEROS is already widely known as a versatile sander developed for all types of surfaces.  As the smallest and most ergonomic sander on the market, it is also equipped with a brushless motor which maintains constant speed even under heavy load. 

With the lowest vibration values in its class, the unique symmetrical design guarantees that the tool can be used for long periods without fatigue. The brushless electric motor has allowed the machine to be kept exceptionally compact in size. Weighing only one kilogram, the Mirka DEROS is around half the size and weight of conventional electric sanders making it comfortable to use one handed. 

Thanks to its high efficiency patented brushless motor, the Mirka DEROS also has plenty of power to get the job done quickly. Its performance is actually comparable to a conventional 500W electric machine and that ensures it maintains a constant speed even under heavy load. 

The innovative design of the brushless motor means there are few wearing components so it is low maintenance, ultra-reliable and has a long lifespan. In contrast to conventional electric machines, the Mirka DEROS also features a ‘closed construction’ which prevents dust from entering the motor where it can cause wear and damage.

The Mirka DEROS also has a backing pad with a central air inlet. Combined with Mirka’s revolutionary Abranet net abrasives and dust extraction systems, the Mirka DEROS provides professionals with a dust-free, cleaner working environment, greater efficiency and control and a superior finish. 

For more information phone Tenaru on: 1300 745 536 or email