Dixbro® wire brushes

Anyone who has completed a lot of work with wire brushes, that are mounted on angle grinders, knows that they can be hard to remove resulting in unnecessary downtime.

As users attempt to remove wire brushes with a spanner, hands can often slip easily and hit the guard leading to cuts or bruised knuckles.

It is for this reason that the engineers at Talus Industries NZ Limited, makers of Dixbro® wire brushes, have come up with a simple solution – the special AFTTM insert fitted to the brush which provides a flexible barrier between the brush and the grinder spindle, while also absorbing the excess energy.

This ensures that removal of the brush is easy and safe, even after heavy use. Another safety aspect of the insert is its ability to also absorb some of the shock from the brush when it bites into the edges of the workpiece.

The patent pending AFTTM insert is now becoming a standard feature on all Dixbro cup and bevel brushes with an M14 thread.  The new brushes are now available from Saint-Gobain Pty Ltd. For more information visit: www.dixbro.co.nz


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