Dreambaby® Adjustable Baby View Mirror

Driveway safety with Dreambaby

On average, seven children aged 0-14 years are killed and 60 are seriously injured, in Australia, while cars exit driveways. The driver is usually a parent, relative or family friend and in 85 per cent of cases, the driver does not know that a child is close to the vehicle.

“One of the things I advise is to install a baby view mirror, such as the Dreambaby® Adjustable Baby View Mirror. The mirror allows drivers to be less distracted and to keep eyes on potential escapees as you leave the home,” said Dreambaby Co-founder, Carolyn Ziegler.

By keeping a driver’s eyes at the front of the vehicle they can see if a toddler is leaving the house and potentially walking behind the car, instead of turning completely around to attend to a baby and not seeing the toddler walk near the car at all.

The baby view mirror features an adjustable telescopic swivel arm for maximum visibility. This also helps parents to drive more safely, because they can see their baby just by lifting their eyes to the mirror, instead of being tempted to look around.

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