Dreambaby® F860 Flat Screen TV Saver

Dreambaby®’s furniture anchors and straps

Falling furniture continues to cause injuries to young children including the tragic accidental death of a five year old WA boy who was killed when he climbed on a chest of drawers and a television fell back and hit him on the head.

Dreambaby® Director, Carolyn Ziegler, said, “As a child safety brand we are very aware of the many tragic accidents that can befall small children. It’s why we work with so many key stakeholders in the area of child accident prevention including Kidsafe and Westmead Children’s Hospital. Such involvement also helps us develop safety solutions that respond to new technology including the now prevalent flat screen television.”

The new Dreambaby® range comprises includes the F860 Flat Screen TV Saver and prevents flat screen TVs from tipping over, by either attaching to the wall or to the back of furniture they are resting on

The range also includes the F830 Dreambaby® Furniture Anchor, developed to secure tall and heavy furniture to the wall and prevents furniture from tipping over, including bookcases and display cabinets.


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