Dreambaby® Phoenix Bed Rail

Anyone with a small child knows sleep is a big issue, including persuading toddlers to sleep in their own bed. In saying this, it is also important a nursery is set up properly so children sleep in a safe environment.

“It is amazing how babies that are only a few months old can move around sufficiently to pose a threat to themselves. Before bedtime, ensure the side of your child’s crib is up or, if your child is older, install a bedrail to stop them from falling out of bed and hurting themselves,” Dreambaby® Co-founder, Carolyn Ziegler said.

To ensure children sleep safely in their nursery, Dreambaby® recently launched its new Phoenix Bed Rail. Designed with breathable mesh and an easy fold-down feature, this bed rail offers peace of mind and security in the bedroom.

Easy and ready to assemble, it is also just as easy to disassemble, so it is perfect to take on holiday. The new Phoenix Bed Rail also comes with a washable, removable cover. The new bed rail is available in wide (dimensions 110cm / 43.25) and extra-tall, (45.5cm / 18).

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