Dreambaby StrollAway® storage solution

Dreambaby’s lifesaving solutions

Dreambaby has released several child safety and storage solutions recently, including its new StrollAway® storage solution. The new space-saving storage solution hangs neatly over doors to store and hang strollers when not in use. Perfect for young families living in smaller spaces, the StrollAway® is ideal for anyone wishing to make life a little safer and less cluttered.

In addition to helping users take up less floor space, the StrollAway® ensures strollers are less of a tripping hazard, and less likely to trap little fingers. It fits over the top of standard doors, and for narrower doors, a foam spacer is included. Extremely heavy duty, it can hold up to 22.5 kilograms easily.

Toy Chains – Toys can also be a tripping hazard. Help your customers keep them in order, especially in smaller spaces, with the new Dreambaby® Toy Chain. Over 1.92 metres long, it may be installed horizontally or vertically, and comes with 20 movable hooks and a ceiling attachment. For more information visit www.dreambaby.com.au

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