Dremel Maker kit

The all-new Dremel Maker Kit was recently released as a handy box suited for just about any DIYer or professional.

The Dremel Maker Kit includes three ultimate DIY tools and is the perfect addition to any growing tool kit.

Users have the ability to sand wood, polish metals and cut plastic and more with the Dremel 3000 Series Rotary Tool. Complete with a 130W motor, integrated hang hook and EZ Twist nose cap for fast accessory changes, the DIY tool kit is versatile for any project.

Users can also get personal with the 290 Engraver by easily etching their initials on their newest project. The easy to hold appliance may also be used on a wide variety of materials and features a reciprocating action for optimal control.

Most projects can now be a flaming success with the 2000 VersaTip, an open flame torch which can be used for tasks such as joining wire and heating heat sensitive materials. Its large tank capacity also ensures optimal and extended use.

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