Dynamic Paintware roller frames

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The Tight Lock Pro roller frame is designed specifically to not only prevent roller slippage, but to also achieve a smooth and even finish every time.

Rumoured to be the best in its class, the Tight Lock Pro features a toggle action that securely locks rollers in place to prevent movement or slippage during painting tasks and also ensures a more professional final finish to the job.

A heavy duty construction and smooth internal bearing also provides a perfect paint finish, which is also free from roller marks or streaks.

Tight Lock Pro is finished with a comfortable hardwood handle to reduce muscle fatigue and also offers a metal threaded insert so that it may be easily attached to extension poles.

Tested by professionals to ensure the highest quality and reliability, the Dynamic range includes high quality brushes and rollers, trays, extendable poles, caulking guns, blades, scrapers and wall fillers, as well as protective wear and drop cloths.

For more information visit: www.dynamicpaintware.com.au

Dynamic Paintware

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